These are some tips of mine on how to keep a Dream Journal

1 - Notebook (cheap is the best)
1 - Pen
1 - Journal (Your preference here of either something more durable than the notebook, another notebook, the same notebook, or perhaps a digital document.)

Step 1: Preparation

Buy your materials!

Before falling asleep:
Open the notebook to a blank page and set it in a place you can easily remember and reach without opening your eyes. Place the pen in an equally memorable and accessible location but separate it from the notebook to avoid accidentally dropping the pen. Keeping these items separate highly reduces my stress of losing the pen, thus freeing my mind for dream recall.

Make sure to check the ink in your pen regularly. Once, after writing down a dream, I opened my eyes to see what I wrote and saw nothing but blank pages. The ink in my pen ran out! Prevent this situation by checking the pen's ink during the day every once in a while, depending on use. Also, try to write with the pen tip facing down, unless you have a pen that can write in any position. Some pens stop inking after a few words when not in the correct position and in such a situation you'll end up with blank dreams! Preparation, aside from experience, could be done by lying in bed and testing where it's most comfortable to hold the notebook and pen and testing to see if the pen works in such positions.
Wow, one of my reccourring themes is beautiful rolling hills... Interesting.<br>Great instructable by the way !
Nice, i need all the info i can get, also i like lucid dreams better because its like a fantasy world, go out with that crush or punch your teacher that sent you to detention or gave you a bad grade. Lucid dreams are great for conflict solving, anger management, relaxing, and creativity for those creative courses like creative writing.
awesome mate, i ahdnt thought about teh two books idea, it really does make sense. also cheers for teh advertising, ill add you to teh end of my instructable
Neat idea, I use to keep a dream journal, but I did't write immediately upon waking up, I'm usually in to much of a rush to get to work in the mornings. I'll give your method a try. I find some days I remember dreams quite vividly, other days they are gone as soon as I wake up.

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