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With this around your neck, you'll protect your dreams wherever you go!

-You'll need a metal ring the size you want your pendant to be (mines about 2-3 in). I just made mine by wrapping a piece of wire around a small bottle.
-white thread/embroidery floss
-a bead

Step 1:

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Tie knots in 6 places around the ring, making a sort of hexagon in the middle.

Step 2:

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loop the thread around the center of each side of the hexagon. When you get back to the start, continue on the new row. At some point you can add a bead. Just slide it on and continue as normal. When you come to a stopping point, pull it tight and tie. The end!


momoluv (author)2014-09-05

Great job! This is so cute and an adorable accesory

alannaerm (author)momoluv2014-09-08


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