Dreamy Open Neck Choker





Introduction: Dreamy Open Neck Choker

This is pretty open neck choker is very quick and easy to do! It looks elegant too...don't you think?
You could customize it to fit any of your clothes by changing the colors of the drop beads...I just love how it looks

Step 1: Materials

Wire thick and thin
swarovski stones
drop beads
hot glue

Step 2: Chain

Take 4 thick wire about 26" long.
Hold all 4 with a binder clip about 6" from one end. Wrap thin wire around for about 2" or less.
Twist the wire around the neck area. then place it around your neck and check where you want the binding of the next spray to be.
In my chain...it was 14.5" from the beginning of the wrap to the end of the other end of the wrap...please check picture.
Refer to picture as a guide and cut wire at various lengths in one end and a gradual decrease from the other end.
For end in which only the stone would come...make a loop.
For ends in which stone and drop bead would come make a figure 8 loop

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Now attach the drop beads at the end of the figure '8' loop.
Once that is done hot glue the stones to the circles.
Isn't it pretty...and so quick to make too!

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I love the pliers :-)



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    ohhh its just so pretty! I can't wait to make one! :-)

    Cool .like this

    I am loving this necklace!! Thank you for the instructable, I will be making a few of these!! voted!!