Introduction: Dremel

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Don't have the money to buy a dremel? We'll now you cand for less than 5$!!!!

Step 1: Materials

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- motor
- 9v battery
- 2 coins (I prefur pennies)
- lots of wires
- 2 containers
- electric tape

Step 2: Tools

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- screwdriver
- knife
- wire strippers
- hot glue gun

Step 3: Hole in Container

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Use the tip of the screwdriver to hammer a hole for the wires in the first container.

Step 4: Add Wire and Tape

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Atach the wire to the motor and tape together

Step 5: Put in and Glue

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Put in motor and glue on with hot glue

Step 6: Attach Wire

Picture of Attach Wire

Attach one of the ends of the wire to the battery and glue on to secure

Step 7: Attach Penny

Picture of Attach Penny

Use electric tape to attach the wire, then glue the tape

Step 8: Attach Penny to Container

Picture of Attach Penny to Container

Glue the penny on the container as shown in the image

Step 9:

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Glue good

Step 10: Tape

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Tape another wire to the penny and add the second container

Step 11: Attach

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Tape the other end of the wire that is attached to the penny to the back of the second penny

Step 12: Attach Penny

Picture of Attach Penny

Glue the penny to the container

Step 13: Secure Wire

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Secure the wire that is attached to the battery so that the tip is over the penny

Step 14: Glue Container

Picture of Glue Container

Glue the second container secure

Step 15: Tape

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Tape the dremel but don't cover the penny

Step 16: Make the Blade Attachment

Picture of Make the Blade Attachment

Smash a bottle cap and do as shown in pics

Step 17: How It Works

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When your hand holds the dremel it pushes the wire on the penny completing the circuit causing the motor to spin.


SeamusA (author)2015-03-01

If you think that it is powerful, try getting your hands on a real dremel. There is no way that that can even cut thin cardboard...

EthanBeltramo (author)SeamusA2015-03-01

Yeah, I know the power of the real ones, for I own one myself. However, this thing is pretty strong, if can cut through wood it you take it slow. I like to use it for sharpening my pencils? I do know it is not even close to a small portion of the real ones, for I have cut solid steal with mine. It works on soda cans and such though.

pmuhammad dwi (author)2014-02-26

very excited to try at home...

just wanna ask, how to make the blade mount? the image lil bit blurry :(

greets from Idn :D

ok first hammer down a bottle cap.get a small circular piece of rubber and poke a hole in the middle. fill the hole with glue and stick on the tip of the motor. then glue the bottle cap on the other end of the rubber circle. if u want, u can sharpen it.

Timofte Andrei (author)2014-02-13

also you should change the name of this project in "dremel-like diy cutter" or "
dremel-wannabe cutter"

Timofte Andrei (author)2014-02-13

nice. now make a circuit that controls the speed of the motor using a 555 timer and a power transistor and i think you should try lithium cells connected in series. it's gonna be really powerful

l8nite (author)2014-01-19

XLG has a good point, this is a very inventive project, I especially like your 2 penny switch

EthanBeltramo (author)2014-01-19

It's actually really really powerful

Kimbones (author)2014-01-19

Dremel is a registered trademark and has copyright on the name.

What you have it as best a low powered rotary tool (this is the proper term).
Neat idea though.

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