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Introduction: Dremel Handle

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A Dremel rotary tool is a very versatile tool to own and use. Sometimes depending what bit, sanding drum, cut off wheel or grinding bit, you may be using, holding the Dremel in a comfortable position can be a little awkward. I remember seeing a picture in a magazine of a handle that someone had made for their rotary tool. So I decided to make my own.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

A piece of hard wood scrap I had found in the scrap wood trash can at a place I used to work at. ( I think it is Walnut)

A cordless drill (used for tracing out the handle)

A drill press, oscillating sander, hand saw

Four rubber self adhesive pads

Four Velcro cable ties

Step 2: Construction

I have a small cordless drill thats fits very nicely in my hand, so I decided to trace out the handle grip on the piece of wood that I had. Luckily the piece of wood was the same width has the drill handle.

I was able to use the oscillating sander and drill press where I volunteer, on my lunch break, but unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that process.

I drilled out along the traced lines and cut out excess wood so that I wouldn't have to sand so much.

Using the oscillating sander I was able to get a perfect fit for my hand, on the handle.

I drilled two 3/8" holes where the Velcro straps would run through to attach the Dremel tool to the handle.

Step 3: Finishing Construction

The rubber pads that I used came from some long forgotten piece of electronic equipment.

I put them on top of the handle so to help keep the Dremel tool in one position.

I used Velcro cable wraps since they hold securely and are easy to adjust or tighten as needed.

Step 4: The Completed Handle

I'm quite happy about how it turned out, it can stand up on its own because of the wide base. It feels great in my hand just like my cordless drill.

It doesn't need to be used all the time but I'm sure it will come in handy for some jobs.

When I was finishing up I found this clip on hat light and tried it on the Velcro strap and it works providing a work space light. The light came from Walmart, it's cost was around a dollar or two.



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    I have found that when I use mine for extended periods of time it can get pretty hot. I end up using gloves because it can get that hot. So this idea would work for hewat also.

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    Thanks Vyger, you just have to make sure that the vent holes aren't blocked if you make one and use it.

    Hi John, I have used my hot air gun holder as an adjustable bench holder for my rotary tool, and can point the tip up or down for various tasks, but this would help for some of the free hand tasks also! Awesome

    1 reply

    Thanks Yonatan24, It was relatively easy to make, I'm sure you could make one just using a piece of 2 x 4 lumber, (it doesn't have to be hardwood) and a wood rasp and a drill. You could even use Zip ties to hold it onto the handle, but you would have to cut them off every time you wanted to use the Dremel without the handle.

    As long as the Velcro can hold it tightly and you don't cover over any air holes, it looks very good. For a more parmanent setup, you could use a couple hose screw type clamps to secure the handle on. But nice idea either way.

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    Thank you gm280, the Velcro doesn't cover any air holes I made sure of that with the positioning of the two holes that I drilled in the handle. I thought about using hose clamps, but I didn't have two of the right length so the Velcro was used. I'll see how it works out, but keeping my eye open for some longer hose clamps just in case. Thanks again for the suggestion.

    Thank you for the very vice comment BeachsideHank.