Dremel Micro Mini Disc Sander





Introduction: Dremel Micro Mini Disc Sander

In this video I convert a bit on my Dremel into a mini 1.25 flat sanding disc for finishing my jewelry pieces.  By mounting the rotary tool in a Dremel workstation, I am able to make it function almost as a little bench sander/ polisher.  I can easily switch to a finer sandpaper grit without even removing the disc from the Dremel.

The video is a little long.  I suppose because I spend time explaining what I'm trying to accomplish  My favorite workspace is inside the house, and I can't exactly have big noisy power tools blasting away! Here is one of my many modifications to make something I couldn't find.



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    Excellent tutorial...!

    You might want to mount a plexiglass barrier between you and the tool in case one of your objects your sanding get knocked out of your hand and into your face.

    Ooooor just wear a protective face shield which I guess would be safer.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Yep, good advice for sure. A few moths back, a disc broke when I was using it correctly (not modified). Fortunately, I had the unit turned 90 degrees clockwise from the way I was working in this video.

    Great build I have to do this. I love when something cool can be made out of simple and cheap stuff like this.
    I don't know if you are, its kind of hard to tell in the video but avoid being in the plane of the disc. I had a larger disc explode and the hospital called the cops because they were convinced it was a bullet wound. That side of my leg is still numb 30 years later. Yours is smaller but spinning much faster.

    Thanks for the safety warning, about staying out of the plane of the disk! See my comments above, about when one disc broke and WOULD have shot right into my neck , if I hadn't followed your advice!!
    A HUGE thank you! You really saved my neck, dude!

    Isn't that why dremel says not to apply pressure to the face of the disc tools

    Uh oh, does it say that? It occurred to me that I could make this with a simple wooden disc on that little mandrel. Do you think it would be safer? Just yesterday I came across some stuff at Lowes that makes me think my invention is already obsolete! It was a bunch of "Gator" stuff , plus I bought an arbor adaptor that you can add to a drill chuck. But my cordless drill doesn't have an "stay on" option, so get out the duct tape!

    If it was me, I would make a wooden disc, router/ drill half a recess for the screw then mount that onto the mandrel. To make it more convenient i would use that self- adhesive Velcro (hook and loop) sheet you can buy and stick one side to the wood and stick other part to different grade sanding papers. That would make it easier to change. Another thing is if you keep the piece you're sanding in the lower quarter of the disc, it won't try to grab it outta your hand as much, and if it does- the piece will hit the table or go down, not up in the air or towards your face.

    Just my thoughts :) Good idea though, i don't know why you don't jut get a better disc to mount sandpapers on as standard with tools like this.

    Thank you for the nice comments! I will keep your warning in mind about being in the line of fire. I would not have thought of that. But I did at least put on those safety glasses around 12:40 in the video, they mysteriously disappear from the background.

    You can buy the disc arbor at Foredom electric.
    Bottom of page.

    A-M338 Mandrel, Disc, 2" Dia., 1/8" Shank
    Price: $8.40
    Disc mandrel with 1/8" shank for mounting 2" PSA Sanding Discs in flex shaft handpieces and BL Lathe.