Dremel Routing / Cutting / Shaping Table


Introduction: Dremel Routing / Cutting / Shaping Table

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This was my simple dremel router table, it can be used for cutting with spiral cutting drills too.

Used scrap plywood for the frame. Some pieces of alumine, and piece of stainless steel for the surface.

Part 1 shows the frame building process.

Step 1: Attaching Dremel

For attaching dremel to the table i used dremel shaping platform attachment, it was 4 euros at my local hw-store.

I wanted to have big enough table, mostly for routing grooves etc.

Video shows how i attached my dremel.

Step 2: Finishing..

To be able to make nice grooves and joints, i needed to make some guides and fence to the table.

Video shows the process.



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    My father is looking for the measurements o build plans. I all ready inscribe on the premium account also to have access, but he can not find the build plans so he can cut the wood. He has try to make these but no success. if we can get some help will be great