Dremel Tripod & Support





Introduction: Dremel Tripod & Support


This is a dremel suport made with 3 elemnts

2 are 3D printed and one is just a stick of wood or any PVC tube.

You will also need some glue to fix all parts together.

Step 1: Printing Parts

Print the 2 Stl tripod & support with a 3D printer ABS or PLA you can print it at full size 100% you will need a stick/tube/cylinder of 16mm

If you print at 50% will need a 8mm stick.

50% Filling will work.

Woodenstick or PVC diam 16mm are easy to find.

Step 2: Assembling

Put the parts together and glue them (use the right glue for your material or use any good universal glue).

The hole on the tripod side can be use for mini tools storage or futur accesorys like mini torch.

Hope you will like it.
I will try to draw some more dremel accesorys soon.



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    Hi ! Thank you.
    Yes i will try to print it soon and to adjust the little details, and the accessories, i also designed a led light that goes on the dremel upper screw. I will make it soon.

    Wow I bet this can help one bet so exact! Awesome job on the design, you'll have to update it as you build it!