Dremel Router Table





Introduction: Dremel Router Table

To make this dremel router table you will need

a thin piece of hard material, wood, or i used an old plastic cutting board

a router

the tile cutting attachment for a dremel (much cheaper than full router attachment)


thats it

Step 1: Attaching the Cutter

to attach the cutter, i found the best method was to screw two screws into the material, just far enough apart that they grip the lips of the tile cutter. Next, drill an angled hole through the plastic and screw a screw into the material through the hole

Step 2: Drill the Hole

my material actually already had a hole in it from another project, but if yours doesn't, you will have to drill a hole big enough to allow the bit to clear the material.

Step 3: Finished

here is an example of a round over that i did using the table. you wont be able to do massive jobs with this setup but it works for the timebeing



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