Introduction: Dress Key Chain

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This is a tutorial about how to make a dress key chain.

Step 1: Materials

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what you need:

1. Computer with Illustrator

2. Laser cutter

3. Material for key chain (plastic)

4. key ring

Step 2: Instructions

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1. Download illustrator into your computer

2. Make the dress in illustrator (red lines should cut through the material and black lines should not)

3. Install the laser cutter on the right settings (cut through: speed 0,7, power 100. Engrave: speed 100, power 100)

4. Using a laser cutter, print out the key chain

5. Insert a key ring through the circular cut out and enjoy


Swansong (author)2017-12-20

That's a cute keychain design, do you have the print file for it?

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