Picture of Dress Shoes foam-foil insole
I hate washing socks so I've gone sockless for some time now. As most of you know, going sockless means having your feet sweat into the shoes original insole therefore creating awful smell after a while. I use dress shoes for work everyday, and i have to come up with a solution.

So I bought different kind of insoles and sad to say, they last very shortly. Either that or it takes too much effort to clean the insole. Then I decided to make one from a self-adhesive insulation foam foil. Not only they are very cheap, they don't absorb sweat and is relatively easy to clean. As an added bonus, your dress shoes will now be much more comfortable.

- Self-adhesive insulation foam with foil
- Scissors and pen knife
- Marker

Create a template
Quickest way to do this is to put an A4 or letter plain paper into your left or right shoes and crumple it to resemble the insole layout. Then, cut a piece of the foil foam until you get a perfect fit.

Repeat for the opposite side.

Beware of adhesive strength
It is very important to note your foam adhesive strength so it does not damage your original shoes insole. I used some drop of water to reduce the strength of the adhesive. Not too weak otherwise the insole will move around inside your shoes when used.

Apply the insole
Once the insoles are ready, paste by rolling it slowly into your shoes. You might want to make some adjustment to make sure the insole gets perfect fit.

Voila! Now you don't have to suffer when walking extra miles using your dress shoes. Depending on your usage, this insole may last between a week to a month. I personally dont use the same pair of shoes everyday for a week, so I am getting good mileage.

I live in a tropical country so I'm not sure if this insole helps to prevent your feet gets frozen when walking on ice. However, an important thing to note is that your shoes will now have to be removed when you enter airport screening.

power1 year ago
won't this make your feet feels hot? as in the touching surface?

just asking tho
usbdevice (author)  power1 year ago
lol nope. not at all. bottom stays warm and comfortable even when walking around on a sunny day.

on the contrary the top part of my feet easily gets hot from the sunlight instead. ah the global warming these days...