Well I woke up yesterday morning and decided I wanted to make a dress out off plastic bags. So I did. I finished it this morning!! I decided to write it out as an Instructable in case it works out well...

If I don't make sense in the writing look what I've written on the pictures, if you still don't understand just comment and I'll try and get back to you :)

Step 1: Collect Bags! and Other Bits and Bobs...

I don't know about you but I'm the sort of person who would like a dress to have some sort of design, not just a mish mash of random carrier bags! So make sure you have plenty of bags before you start this project, different colours and lots of the same if you like coordination :D
You'll also need - scissors
                              - sewing machine (obviously not essential but VERY useful)
                              - threads of the colours of bags that you're using (or different if you want!)
                              - sellotape (instead of pins!)
                              - belt
                              - needle (the thinner the better)
I had a friend called Ruby that made a plastic bag dress. For the top she used a thin plastic singlet bag.<br><br>For the skirt, she used two thin plastic kitchen tidy bags that she brought from Coles supermarket. The two bin liners were attached using tape. Ie. the bottom of the first was attached to the bottom of the second. They were then attached to the top with tape and a satin sash was also used.
I love the idea!! Did you use a special needle or sewing machine?
Sorry about keeping you waiting!! And no I didn't just used my mums one, its not even that great really :P
Very creative
Cute! I love the bag colors you were able to find :)
I know this will seem rude but I feel like you should send this idea to lady gaga
Ok... I'll take that as a complement! Good enough for a star, no matter how odd :P Got her address, then I could send it.... ;)

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