Well I woke up yesterday morning and decided I wanted to make a dress out off plastic bags. So I did. I finished it this morning!! I decided to write it out as an Instructable in case it works out well...

If I don't make sense in the writing look what I've written on the pictures, if you still don't understand just comment and I'll try and get back to you :)

Step 1: Collect bags! and other bits and bobs...

I don't know about you but I'm the sort of person who would like a dress to have some sort of design, not just a mish mash of random carrier bags! So make sure you have plenty of bags before you start this project, different colours and lots of the same if you like coordination :D
You'll also need - scissors
                              - sewing machine (obviously not essential but VERY useful)
                              - threads of the colours of bags that you're using (or different if you want!)
                              - sellotape (instead of pins!)
                              - belt
                              - needle (the thinner the better)
I love the idea!! Did you use a special needle or sewing machine?
Sorry about keeping you waiting!! And no I didn't just used my mums one, its not even that great really :P
Very creative
Cute! I love the bag colors you were able to find :)
I know this will seem rude but I feel like you should send this idea to lady gaga
Ok... I'll take that as a complement! Good enough for a star, no matter how odd :P Got her address, then I could send it.... ;)

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