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Introduction: Dresser to Bench Thingy

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my neighbor saw a Pinterest post and I had to get to work..

Step 1: Old Dresser

this is what I begin with. it is a youth dresser that my neighbor gave me. his mother wanted me to make it in to one of those bench thingys she saw on Pinterest.. so here goes..

Step 2: Reinforcements

here is were I torn it apart and added all the needed supports for the seat part and the reinforcements for the top and back and sides

Step 3: Remove the Ugly

I torn the paper backing off to make room for some better looking bead board ..

Step 4: Bead Board

this is the bead board that covers the back. which will get paint later. the back of this thing will be seen because it is going at the foot of a bed..

Step 5:

this is a test fitting because I just cut the top to fit the seat area and so I could see if I needed to stain the top or leave it natural ..

Step 6:

here I decided that it would look good just with poly on it (well the boss.. I mean.. wife told me to leave it natural) so I taped it off and ready for paint.. I got lucky and she let me paint it .. ha..

Step 7:

I almost forgot to show these old pine boards that made the top of the bench.. I found them laying on the rafters of my shop.. best looking pine I've saw in a long time .. but hey.. they were laying in that shop before I was born..

Step 8:

this is the painted bead board on the back of the bench and a piece of molding that I made to trim the top ..

Step 9:

and these are the finished bench thingy.. the draw pulls are from the draw that wasn't used and I think they look a lot better than the handles it had

hope u like it..



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    Awesome work! I start work on my ex-dresser soon.

    thanks.. dressers are easy to modify .. you should make a instructable of the process..

    Really nice job! I have a couple of these dressers kicking around, and I'm constantly on the lookout for nice makeovers. I don't have your skills though ;)

    Ooh, I like this idea - you ought to enter into the Leftover Contest, too. I voted for you for the Furniture Hack as this certainly qualifies! Really nice workmanship

    thanks.. I might look at the leftover contest

    this is quite nice! now I know what to do with an old dresser when I don't need it any more

    thanks, youth dressers are about 5-6 inches shorter than regular dressers so you do a lot of kool things with them..

    Very nice - great work! I would only add a cushion matching my curtains...