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Introduction: Dresses for Elizabeth

About: retired and living the good life in the Caribbean on the tiny island of Saba. Only 5 square miles in size, it is one of the best dive sites, also known for hiking and scuba.

Elizabeth is a friend, size Xsmall, who loves clothes. I love to knit so here are some pictures of her dresses.



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    Very cute, I love to knit clothing as well. I had knitted myself a halter top style sun dress w/Lion brand microspun and it turned out great.

    they are not lined, Elizabeth and I live oi the Caribbean where it is warm and I try to keep the knitting crocheting tension tight. Elizabeth does have several pairs of tights in the same colors. glad you like them! it is great fun to make things that folks like to wear.

    This is a simple 'tube ' pattern, cast on stitches to measure and knit a tube either from the bottom up or top down. increase on both sides of the skirt to slightly flare it a bit and finish with a lace pattern as an edging. takes about 500 yards for an extra small.