Step 3: Make the Garnishes

For the strawberry garnish: Take one of your reserved dried strawberries and sandwich between two pieces of waxed paper. Roll out with a rolling pin until very thin. Peel the top piece of waxed paper off and place in the freezer for 15 minutes to make it easier to work with.

Remove from freezer and cut out small squares then remove from the waxed paper. Cut each corner off of the squares shaping the pieces into circles. I added a dragee on top for added decoration. This is optional. ***Reminder - if you do add dragees remove them before eating.

For the walnut garnish: If you cut the ends of the walnut off you will get a natural heart shape. You will get two to four hearts out of each walnut.

For the cranberry garnish: Since dried cranberries are hollow you can cut then into 1/8 inch slices and bend then to make little hearts. This might take a few tries but you will get two or three from each dried cranberry.

For the almond garnish: Cut an almond in half. Keep cutting in half until you have small square shapes that will fit nicely on top of your truffles.
<p>an amazing one is dates, cocoa and chopped almonds! not sure on the amount of each one, but it tastes like real chocolate!</p><p>also good is dates, walnuts, and a bit of wine, rolled in shredded coconut.</p>
So cute and sound really goof! I will have to try these even if it's not VDay already! Thanks for sharing your &quot;ible&quot;!<br>
I've tried a couple of these recipes and they're SO TASTY! A healthy treat you don't have to feel guilty about enjoying. LOVE the presentation too. They look so beautiful!
Wow they're healthy. They look good!.
Those are so cute! Great recipes!

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