It was gray and chilly, and everyone at home was still full by lunch time, so I decided to make a light, but warm, lunch. The two main ingredients in this porridge (also known as 江 瑤 柱 粥) are just leftover rice and dried scallops, but the result is oh-so-yummy. The dried scallops, or conpoy, lend a distinctive sweet sea salt flavor to the congee when you let the conpoy and rice mingle in the pot for a good while. I'm not going to give you many measurements because that's the way my grandma taught me to make this.

Step 1: Dried Scallops!

You can find dried scallops in little plastic packages in Asian food markets. Sometimes, they even sell them bulk in a huge bucket where you get to pick the individual scallops.The good ones have a vibrant color, and resemble a densely packed bundle of strings. If you squeeze the scallop a little using your fingers, it shouldn't immediately fall apart. Generally, the dried scallops are soaked in water before you use it in a recipe, so go ahead and grab a small handful. Give them a rinse, then stick them in a bowl of hot water for say, 10 minutes.
Hmm I've seen dried every other fish product but not scallops. This would be a great dish I can just imagine.

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