Drift Scooter





Introduction: Drift Scooter

A three wheeled speed machine, half bicycle half wood and pvc. 
the drift Scooter is a unique

Step 1: First Step!

Obtain a BMX bike


A bike
3/4 Inch thick piece of wood
1 1/2 Inch thick piece of wood
Nuts and bolts
1/2 inch PVC pipe
Hose Tie
4 Inch PVC pipe
5/16 inch Metal Rod 

PVC cutter
Hand Saw

Step 2: Then Taking Off the Seat

Unscrew seat off of the bike by taking a wrench and unscrewing the nut, removing the nut, washer, and bolt.

Step 3: Next, Taking the Wheel Off

Then unscrew/take the back wheel off of the bike then use the same wrench to unscrew the nut attached to the axel of the back wheel. Then remove the chain from the bike by lifting the wheel off the axel and slowly move the chain off. The wheel is no longer needed, you may discard it if you please.

Step 4: Next

Cut where the arrows are pointing. A saw is required for this and it is a strenuous task

Step 5: Taking Pedal Off

Then take the middle axel off which is where the pedals are by unscrewing the big nut. Then the pedal that isn’t on the gear side by unscrewing the pedal off first with the wrench. Then slide the pedals off the middle center piece.

Step 6: Applying the Seat

Take wood and cut out a rectangle which is 11.5in by 4.5in. Then take the wood and place it over the two metal rods on the back. Match the whole in the bike to the wood. Take a drill and drill a whole matching the same as the bike. Bolt the wood in place to the bike.

Step 7: Making the Wheels!

The wheels are made of wood and PVC pipe. The PVC pipe needs to be a half inch thick and must have a 4 inch diameter. Measure three and a half inches and then cut where the mark was made, do this twice to obtain the PVC pipe casing needed for holding the wood in place. The wood must be cuttable for it to be usable. First take a piece of 4 inch thick wood then draw a circle around the circumference of the PVC pipe that was cut prior. Take a saw and cut around this newly drawn line to create one of the four circular wooden pieces needed to put into the PVC pipe casing. Use a hot glue gun to glue the pieces of wood into two different pairs of circular wood. Place the pairs of wood into their respective casings. Now drill a hole through the center of the wood that is now in the casing. They are held together via axel. The axel is a metal rod that we put into the holes we have drilled into the wood.

Step 8: Adding an Axel

The Axel is a metal rod that is used to keep the wheels in sync while rotating to assure that the scooter stays straight and continues to use the momentum gained. The size of the axel is relative to the size of the hole that was drilled into the two pairs of wheels and the size of those wheels.  The bigger the wheels the larger the axel will need to be. The axel also must be sturdy enough to support the weight of a human and the bike. If the Axel bends then the scooter is compromised because the wheels will cease to steer straight. The axel is held together to the wooden seat by a hose tie. The hose ties is then tighten into place. The exposed metal rod is then covered by 2 seperate pieces of PVC, this is so the axel does not slide back and forth.

Step 9: Done!

Go for a sweet ride on your new Drift scooter!! 



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Have you ever tried to replace the wooden deck with a bucket seat? Or the foot pegs with pedals? It is so cool, but I think a seat or pedals would make it even neater! (If that's even possible)

I would think that joining half a bike and half a skateboard in this manner would be easier and work better. The steering action of the skate truck may help in stability

You don't understand the concept behind the trike. It DRIFTS. Google people riding them. You'll see.

Cool build. Simple and effective.

ahhh no. This isn't like them at all, it is too small, and has no foot rests.

this is supposed to be a 'drift scooter' apparently. me personally, after riding drift trikes for a couple of years, i would still be terrified of drifting this thing. theres no grip on the base, no stability (i tried the same sort of technique on my trike with a wheelbase of like 750mm- flipped and shredded my knee on the road), and the pvc is also super slidey and not really attached firmly to the rest of the scooter. has potential, but needs a lot of work.

yea, I agree.

does it have to be a bmx bike?

pls show me a vid for this pls ;) i d k how it works.

Good idea thanks for share.