Drift trikes have been around for a while now and are really growing in popularity, especially in the UK. A few months ago, (god knows how) I stumbled across them and decided that it was to be my new mission!

Whilst doing mine I really struggled for a guide to get over the problems I had stumbled across, so I thought I'd try and put it all in one little handy guide...

Step 1: Collecting All the Parts

eBay! In a simple word!
There are plenty of weird and wonderful ways to go about sourcing your trike and ways of building it, so this is how I made mine and in my opinion, one of the easiest ways...

What you really want is a huffy green machine to start with and a frame

Luckily I already had a bmx front end but you'll want one of these too...
In your place I would reinforce that frame immediately where the 'main central pole' makes that welded angle. If that trike will break, it'll be there. Try to weld two triangular plates on both sides. Good luck!
<p>Box section should be strong enough as is, if you do reinforce it use more box section or something wide and flat never a thin sharp edge, I have seen many re-enforcement ideas most of them are &quot;nut cutters&quot; remember if you suddenly stop and slid out of that seat which part of you hits the reinforcement first. i've even seen one guy crazy enough to use a bike gear used as the reinforcement fillet, that don't even bear thinking about.</p>
<p>Looks like you used my method of joining the forks to the huffy? your welds look superb compared to mine, I wish i could have got a proper welder to do mine lol, mine is sound but looks hideous. Anyways have lots of fun, stay safe and wear that protective gear.</p>

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