Step 3: Arrange and drill your pieces

Picture of Arrange and drill your pieces
Drill a hole in the base and glue the dowel into it vertically. Be careful to let it dry straight, or your tree will not stand upright.
I stood mine on the kitchen counter, so that the dowel ran up the outside of a cabinet. I checked it with a level, then taped it in place to dry.

Sort the driftwood pieces and lay them out from largest to smallest, editing to get a pleasing pyramid shape.

Using the ruler, or by balancing each piece on your finger, find the center of each piece and drill a hole all the way through.
It helps to have a scrap of your dowel at hand, so that you can check the fit as you go.

Also, some hand and eye protection would be a great idea.  

You will also need to drill a hole into the starfish if you are putting one on top. Take care not to break it - some are tougher than others - and drill at an angle that will allow it to stand upright, or very slightly back.