Step 5: Finito

Picture of Finito
Your driftwood tree is complete. It can be placed indoors or out. Enjoy!

Notes: I probably should have put a sealer or stain or something on the base and dowel before I started. (I still can, because nothing is glued together.) The base stands out too much with the grayer driftwood.

I may just spread glue all over the base and cover it with sand. Or give it a thin wash of gray and white paint to dull it down.
It would be cool to have it on a table and spread sand all around the base, covering it, then toss a few shells on the sand.

I prefer my driftwood tree 'au naturel,' but it could also be decorated with simple seashell ornaments, or dusted with a light sprinkling of fake snow. 

Thanks for looking at my instructable.