Drill Battery Rebuild - NiCd to Lithium





Introduction: Drill Battery Rebuild - NiCd to Lithium

Drill/ screwdriver battery rebuild to Lithium using battery holder for 18650 cells (so no spot welding needed) and BMS. After rebuild original charger can be used for charge.

Part list:

  • Battery holder for 18650 size batteries
  • 3x Sony VTC4 18650 2100mAh 30A batteries
  • BMS to control charge/ discharge

Step 1: Soldering

At first I soldered wires to battery holder, after that soldered BMS board and battery pack plug

BMS was glued to battery holder using double sided tape

Step 2: Fitting

Little bit of cutting and now batteries fit battery pack case

Then secured using electrical tape

Check fit, done

Step 3: Charging

As BMS was used, original charger can be used for charging

Step 4: Finished

It was quick and simple battery pack rebuild

Screwdriver works as expected



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Questions & Answers


That link on another instructable is actually how I got here. Great collection! Thanks.

Thanks for noticing and thanking.

Question: Say I did this on a Craftsman 19.2 Drill battery, would a Craftsman Multi-Chemistry charger (for Lithium Ion and NiCd batteries) work for the modified battery (to revive a few "dead" ones I have but also to move to lithium). I was considering getting a kit that comes with 2 "real" lithium batteries and a multi-chemistry charger.. and "upgrading" several "dead" batteries I have but I also have 1 or 2 NiCd batteries that still work. Thanks

Congratulations for this awesome instructable. The only snag is that this only works when the drill charger is not intelligent ...

Never mind, just found it on the photo. thanks for this instructable btw!:)

Do you have a link or a part number of the BMS that you used?