Drill Bit Stand





Introduction: Drill Bit Stand


I always wanted to arrange my drill bits in a perfect position .

So i decided to build  some practical stand


Step 1: Buy Drill Bits

I don`t like the way it looks now ,  it`s just a box for me , and i want to modify it

Step 2: Cutting Aluminum Angles

I bought 1 long aluminum T angle

Cut it according to the size of the future to be drill bit set

Step 3: Drill the Aluminum Angle

Drill it so the screws could be attached to the other angle

Step 4: Angle Ready , Now Disassemble and Start Drilling Holes

Step 5: Drilling Time!

This was definattly the hardest part .

In order for each drill to fit perfectly to the stand . i had to work in the next order:

1. Take biggest drill bit , insert to drill and drill the aluminum. - one hole ready.
2. Disassemble previous drill from step one and insert next drill in set , drill the aluminum .. and so fort ...

 Overall , one set of 25 Drills took my more than hour and a half...


Step 6: Drilling #1

Step 7: Drilling #2

Step 8: Drilling #3

Step 9: Drilling #4

Step 10: Drilling #5

Step 11: Drilling #6

Step 12: Drilling #7

Step 13: Sanding Holes

Sand and remove sharp edges via the Dremel Tool

Step 14: Repeat Step 1 -12 With Other Drill Sets

I finished with the new set.

Beside him, i had a few other older Drill bits . and i would not neglect them....

So i built one for them also

Step 15: Final Steps

Step 16: Finished !



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    Please share where you got the aluminum. Not everyone knows where to source that. You could also label the sizes with a P Touch (if you're someone who needs to know the exact size of each). But I love this project and want to steal it for my shop.


    Great idea!

    Well , you can buy aluminum angle at next places , depends on the place you live.




    You can open GOOGLE and search for other places if you want..

    What is P Touch?

    Great idea~!! Thank you, enjoyed watch your work. You are well organized....

    Thanks! , i try my best.

    being organized is very important to me .

    Very good.