Introduction: Drill Dust/Sand Tray (wall Drilling)

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I've been using this trick since a couple of years now, I don't know if it's a common practice or maybe even a patented product is available to buy, but i thought i'll share it anyway..

This is a very simple trick to have less cleaning up to do after drilling house (internal) walls..
You might need to drill your wall for any reason, my reason is because houses in this part of the world are generally mason-walled, and drilling-anchor-screw is usually the neatest way. Although most of the time it's rather over-kill (just for hanging picture or painting frames etc), Concrete nails are ugly and usually leaves a bad crack or even chips the plaster (they use very rigid plaster around here). 

It keeps my wife, mother, mother-in-law, all happy with the results and how clean i work... :)

p.s. the pictures in this 'ible is kinda overkill, much like the drill-anchor-screw on walls for hanging light stuff..
maybe it's me.. maybe it's just a phase.. 

Step 1: Tools and Materials

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  • A piece of paper, A4 or standard magazine size is good.. I always use pages from old magazine or brochures (like in the picture).
  • sticky tape. it's better to use masking tape to be sure there'll be no glue residue left on the wall.
That's all! oh and the drill = bit for the drilling, ofcourse.. 

Step 2: Action!

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Put the paper in landscape, Fold one lower corner up.. sticky tape.. repeat on other side.. 
sticky tape on top, stick to the wall just under your drill mark... 

(huh?? come again??)
well.. see the pictures.. you'll know what i mean..
and a friendly reminder: don't forget to move the "apparatus" to the next drill mark before drilling the next hole.. 

Sometimes you'll also get very fine dust accumulating around the drill-hole: wipe with wet rags..
Now i don't need to get the vacumcleaner or the mop after each job..  :)


CapnGonzo (author)2014-09-01

Even easier: take a post it note, cut the stick part in the middle about an inch down, fold onto itself and stick it straight to the wall. Great article though!

londobali (author)CapnGonzo2014-09-08

That's a great idea! :)

Orngrimm (author)2013-05-17

That, Sir, is simply said an eye-opener.
Sooo simple i never thought of it...

londobali (author)Orngrimm2013-05-20

Thanks for your kind comment Orngrimm..


benderbrasil (author)2012-11-09

great Instructable. now only use this tip when I punch a wall

londobali (author)benderbrasil2012-11-09

Thanks bendebrasil..
nice to hear it works for other people as well.. :)

dimtick (author)2012-08-14

If at all possible I would not use packing tape. it'll pull the paint off the wall.

This is a nice trick. I normally use a vacuum and hold the hose with one hand while drilling with the other but it can be kind of a pain.

londobali (author)dimtick2012-08-14

thank you..
I used to do that as well but found this alternative..

masking tape: Totally with you!
I would normally use masking tape that i always have around, somehow that day there were none to be found.. so i tried this cheap cardbox tape, tried a small piece and it worked fine..

Maybe because it was very cheap, not too sticky, wouldn't hold a cardbox properly..

Actually, this reminds me about another trick i've learned to make tapes less sticky and less paint-removing, to be used as temporary marking or masking, in case you're stuck (no pun intended) with the very stick ones or even duct tape - or duck tape if you prefer:
Stick it to the ground or exterior wall to get some dust on the glue, or to your palm (oils and dust on your palms will do, but dont get it on other hairy parts of your body!!). It'll stick less and can be used as "emergency masking tape"..

= hey.. there's another idea for my next 'ible... :p [man! now i'm sure that i'm addicted!!!] =

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-08-08

Very nice trick :) I hate trying to clean up after drilling in the wall; so many dust sized pieces to get out of the carpet is a pain!


yeah, i hate cleaning up drill dust/sand from tiled floor, can't imagine if i have to clean up from carpets! :)

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