Drill Perpendicular





Introduction: Drill Perpendicular

Hi There!

This is my old work. I decided to share this too

Everyday I needed to drill perpendicularly what I did not do well :(

So I did it

Material: beech plank 20 mm (preferably any other material, such as polyamide nylon), iron pad 5 mm and a spray of 6 mm diameter

I will share the drawings but perhaps these measures do not work, the other drill might need another size :(

Step 1: Dimensions and Drawings

It should be measured by the details of which is attached to the item.

Then create a drawing whose internal diameter should be equal to the measured drill's detail

In my case, 51 mm ...

Step 2: Making

Step 3: Result

It's a simple thing but I've helped :)



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    and here we see a life hack

    Just about to make something similar for a particular job. Very useful.

    nice design but required some more improvement.it will be better to add springs in your 4 post.so that you could drill at what ever depth.

    This is really great work. Simple design but highly modifiable.


    How did you get the four posts exactly 90 degrees to the base?

    1 reply

    I prepared this detail cnc machine, he managed it :)

    you should add a depth setting tool into this. Wouldn't be much more, and the functionality would be more than worth it.

    1 reply

    Of course it can be added :)