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This was a fun project and very quick to make. Measurements are not critical so have a play around and see what works best ! if you do make it then please send me an email or a message on YouTube I would love to see it ! or comment below under the "I made it " option.

Here is the video incase it doesn't show

Step 1: Cutting Drilling Screwing...

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I first cut a bit of beech approx 40 x 40 then I drilled a slightly offset hole to accept a coach bolt I then tightened it down with a nut and washer I then drove in two washer head screws, I used some sheet metal screws as they had a flat head for grip on the bottle cap but it took a while to drive them in because of the metal predrill profile on the end.

Step 2: Testing...

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In the video to test it out I found I needed it on speed one on the highest torque and by just pressing the trigger slowly with better practise this could be done a lot quicker by and would be really impressive !

Please drink responsibly and have fun !


AlbertoR6 (author)2015-12-27


Tom Howbridge (author)AlbertoR62015-12-27

Why not ?

No se me hace practico pero esta divertido, por el tiempo que le diste a tu proyecto.

¬°Gracias por echarle un vistazo!

Thanks for checking it out!

Chipper Bert (author)2015-12-25

I'm forever losing bottle openers but do have a jar of spare sheet metal screws and lots of scraps of wood. Now just to buy a drill, a vise and build a workbench and I need nevermore fear dying of thirst...

Need I add, nice to know there are other people like me whose motto is "if it's simple, why not complicate it?

One of the best comments I have ever had ! thanks Bert :)

Temo Vryce (author)2015-12-22

Not how I expected it to work, but still very cool.

Tom Howbridge (author)Temo Vryce2015-12-22

Thanks !

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