Introduction: Drill Powered Fishing Reel

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Step 1: Materials

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1. Battery powered drill
2. Almost any fishing reel

Step 2: Putting It Together

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First, take the handle off the fishing reel.
Second, attach the drill to the little bolt sticking out of the reel and tighten it down.

Step 3: Your Done

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Cast the line, push the trigger on the drill and it should reel in.



JohnM623 (author)2017-05-09

This a great idea for those individuals who have injuries to their upper limbs (hands & arms), such as I have. It has been nearly 20 years since I was injured an with this idea it now makes me to start thinking about how I could come up with an idea and design something using one of my old battery drill. Ya it is noisy, but if it helps me to get out fishing again, then some people can learn to accept other individual's abilities, or lack of abilities. I think that this person's idea is a wonderful start to something that can change other people's lives for the better.

CandyLove11 (author)2015-06-07

Lol genius

russ_hensel (author)2015-02-06

Just a note to let you know I have added this to the collection: Cordless Drills Hacking for Other Uses !


Take a look at a bunch of project involving odd uses of drills.

and for even more drill info


ngill2 (author)2014-09-07

If you were fishing anywhere near me and making that racket with the drill, you might find yourself, along with your gear, taking an impromptu dip. Fishing is supposed to be quiet - almost meditative. Someone who cannot be bothered to reel in a line, and who is willing to annoy fellow fisher-folk, not to mention the fish, is being rude and un-sportsman-like in the extreme. As for using this contraption for golf, Mark Twain allegedly said that golf is "A good walk, spoiled." You've managed to remove even the 'good walk' aspect.

Mario2007 (author)ngill22014-09-24

Do you walk out and retrieve every ball at the range? I highly doubt it.

Nancy JG (author)Mario20072014-09-24

I never go to the range. I bowl - the ball comes back to me.

woodman98 (author)2014-09-12

Thanks for the comments

homer35805 (author)2014-09-11

Lighten up everyone. Ya'll are acting like he is fishing in your backyard pond at 3 am. He never said it was for fishing and if he placed it into the wrong contest, well, that's a lick on him...but for retrieving golf balls, gotta give him credit for a rather clever idea....would it be better with only a 12v drill, or one of those cordless screwdrivers...they would be less bulky...

woodman98 (author)2014-09-10


Yes I've used it before

To attach the ball i put a small screw into the ball but not screwed in all the way. and tied the line around the screw then tightened the screw down.

No, I don't have a shock leader.

I usually use this for chipping, so i use a 8 or 9 iron

I'm using about a half swing sometimes more.

I can get about 75 yards with a half swing, but I'm not sure how much line is on the reel so i usually don't hit it with all my strength.

CoonX (author)2014-09-10

Has this contraption ever been used?

How is the line attached to the golf ball?

Do you have a shock leader attached to the golf ball?

What clubs are you using to hit the ball with?

How much of a swing are you taking?

What is the yardage you are getting?

woodman98 (author)2014-09-08

This does not hurt the drill at all and can be taken off whenever you want

gusevargas (author)2014-09-08

This contraption is a terrible waste of both a good drill and a reel. Whether you try to pass it off as a "ball retriever" or a "handicap able reel." Combining two good things does not always make the sum better...

jca245 (author)2014-09-07

Read his explanation people. He is NOT using it for fishing. He is tethering his golf ball to the line and reeling it back to him so he can practice his swing and not lose the ball. Rather clever. There are commercial motorized fishing reels already used for off shore deep sea fishing. Mainly used for people with handicaps so they too can enjoy fishing.

BOFH_2 (author)jca2452014-09-07

He did use this for retrieving his golf ball. However he submitted this to the Great Outdoors Contest and his admission of this; "Like i said before, I actually haven't used this for fishing." causes some of us to question it's submission.

jca245 (author)BOFH_22014-09-07

If his submission was made to the wrong venue or against the rules, I stand corrected. Aparently I was not familiar with the details for submission.

woodman98 (author)2014-09-07

Ngill2, now days we have golf carts so most people don't walk when golfing anyway. And also, I enjoy the peacefulness of fishing also but whether or not to use it for fishing is your choice.

afrancis20 (author)2014-09-07

I know, you said you are using it for golfing, but having to carry around a power drill with a fishing rod isnt fun regardless if you are fishing or golfing.

woodman98 (author)2014-09-07

Please read all my comments before commenting. Thanks

afrancis20 (author)2014-09-07

This is not practical, a drill handing on the side of your fishing real, and having to carry a drill to a fishing trip is not fun...

maxom (author)2014-09-07

Getting a Golden Retriever to bring the ball back would be a whole lot more practical.

fixfireleo (author)2014-09-07

this ible reminds me of a story my dad told when i was a kid. remote control TV had just come out (the remote was connected by a wire to the TV). a guy came into my dad's work and was all proud that he got one and how convenient it was. my dad looks at him and says, "i rue the day when i am SO LAZY that i cant tell my wife or kid to get up and change the channel!"

HorrifiedOnlooker (author)2014-09-07

Best Instrucible ever! Make your next one, chucking a fork in a drill so you can twirl your spaghetti on to it quicker. ;-)

macrumpton (author)2014-09-07

I wonder if you could attach it with a flexible shaft so that using the drill would not affect casting with the rod. You could attach the drill to a holster at your waist.

sjackson999 (author)2014-09-07

I've seen this used for halibut fishing many times. We fish in deep water with heavy cannon ball weights. Bait checks are the pits when you're fishing in water that's several hundred feet deep. Most reels have a nut that holds the handle on. Just get a socket adapter for your drill that fits that nut. Then you don't have to take the handle off.

13Cs (author)2014-09-07

Pretty sure that comes straight out of a RED GREEN show...

He'd still be proud of you though...

Remember if woman don't find you handsome they should at least find you handy -red green

camodad (author)2014-09-04


victorvector (author)camodad2014-09-07

My question precisely.

Fishing is not at all about this.

Little Train 22 (author)2014-09-03

Napolean is that you

dsparks5 (author)2014-09-03


woodman98 (author)2014-09-03

Like i said before, I actually haven't used this for fishing, I used it to golf without losing the ball and a quicker time i reel it in

wpbaucom (author)2014-09-02

Absolutely no way you should receive votes in the great outdoor contest. You are taking away from the joy I fishing, if you have to have a drill to reel in a fish then stay at home. Ridiculous

Thatdan (author)2014-09-02

Now I can go find more than nemo cool

CurtosNoirDesign (author)2014-09-02

More power!

Little Train 22 (author)2014-09-02


Little Train 22 (author)2014-09-02

I have a man crush on this duse

M3G (author)2014-09-02


tetra28 (author)2014-08-15

isn't that illegal?

Little Train 22 (author)2014-08-13

This man is genius

woodman98 (author)2014-08-06

The drill is great this one has different attachments that can replace the drill so that is pretty nice

Triclaw (author)2014-08-05

how is it to cast? I suppose the fish don't fight much with that power behind it,

gravityisweak (author)Triclaw2014-08-06

When you cast, you use the black button, which detaches the spool of line from the reel during casting. So it wouldn't affect that portion of the cast. But what about casting a rod with a big heavy drill attached to it? I wonder if its detached for casting.

Triclaw (author)gravityisweak2014-08-06

that was more or less the question

blkhawk (author)2014-08-06

I just bought the same drill online. How does it work for you?

woodman98 (author)2014-08-06

I originally made this for golf, would tie fishing line to the golf ball and hit it and then just reel it in but it took forever to reel in so I came up with this

JamesGannon (author)2014-08-05

Why? Just why?

woodman98 (author)2014-08-05

To make it easier to cast, I would attach the drill after you cast, but it kinda depends on what type of fishing you are doing.

woodman98 (author)2014-08-05

You would still cast how you would normally cast. Thanks for he comment.

woodman98 (author)2014-08-05

Please vote for me in the great outdoors contest

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