Introduction: Drill Powered Yarn Winder

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I wanted to submit my own version of the drill powered yarn winder. It is basically a large bobbin winder.

You will need:

two plastic lids
a straw
duct tape

Step 1: Assembly

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Drill a hole in the center of each lid.

Put the straw onto your drill bit and cut to the length you want it. The only reason I covered it with duct tape was because the bit ripped a hole in it while I was sliding it on. I am using a 5/16 bit, and a McDonalds drink straw. Alternatively you can put a knitting needle in the chuck, or a dowel instead of using a drill bit, but if you skip the straw to cover the bit  you will have a hard time getting the yarn off the bit.

Slide one lid to the base of the bit, then pull a little yarn through the other lid and put it near the top.

Step 2: Wind

Picture of Wind

I was unable to take a picture of myself winding the yarn. You hold the drill in one hand, and the strand of yarn in the other, don't let the ball/cake wind tightly, you don't want to stretch the yarn.


russ_hensel (author)2015-02-06

Just a note to let you know I have added this to the collection: Cordless Drills Hacking for Other Uses !


Take a look at a bunch of project involving odd uses of drills.

and for even more drill info


moxiepurple (author)russ_hensel2015-02-06

Thank you!

owltard (author)2013-09-01

Follow up: an unsharpened pencil works great in place of a dowel rod! A thin layer of duct tape keeps the drill from chewing up the end it secures around.

owltard (author)2013-08-31

Thank you so much! You just saved me soooo much time and money, not to mention trying to justify another craft room 'toy' to my husband. Now I can get cracking on winding my stash ASAP. :)

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