Introduction: Drill Press Dust Collector

Picture of Drill Press Dust Collector

This is a drill press dust collecting jig. It is designed to allow the dust collection port to sit at different heights depending on the placement of the work piece.

Step 1: Scrap

Picture of Scrap

Mark a piece of scrap with 0", 1", 2" and 3" sides surrounding a circle the circumference of a dust collecting hose.

Step 2: Rim

Picture of Rim

Cut 1.5" strips of wood to surround the backside of the jig. Glue and fasten. These will be used for clamping the dust collection unit in place.

Step 3: Circle

Picture of Circle

Cut the face of the jig to accommodate the dust collection hose.

Step 4: Connectors

Picture of Connectors

Create a tube assembly that will connect to a dust collection hose and a second hose if the drill press allows.

Step 5: Attach

Picture of Attach

Attach the assembly to the wood structure.

Step 6: Connect

Picture of Connect

Clamp in place and connect the main dust collector hose and any auxiliary hoses to the assembly.

Step 7: Complete

Picture of Complete

The assembly is complete and will collect dust and debris from both the side and under the drill press.