Drill Dust Collector From an Envelope





Introduction: Drill Dust Collector From an Envelope

You will need a masking tape and an envelope for collecting the dusts from drilling.

Step 1: Fold the Envelope's Sides

Fold the envelope's both sides to make a pouch like shape

Step 2: Cut the Masking Tape

Cut 6-8 cm of tape and stick the half of tape on the envelope

Step 3: Stick the Envelope to the Wall Your Are Drilling

Stick the envelope on the wall below the point that you are going to drill.
Mark the point with a nail or screw that your are going to drill.
Put the drills bit on the mark and start drilling.

Step 4: Now the Dust Is Collected in Side the Envelope

After the drilling is finished the dust will be collected in the envelope
Remove the envelope and clean the residue with a wet paper towel.
Clean the hole with a vacuum cleaner.
Pour the dust into a trash bag.



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    I use this method, but always drill through the masking tape, this keeps the dust from being blown around by the air from the drill motor.

    You're welcome.

    Good idea, thanks for sharing it.