Introduction: Drill Press

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Drill press I made to hold my hand drill........

Step 1: Mount to Table

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I used 1- 3/4" pipe, one piece 6", one piece 9", one corner angle, and two flanges.......Just bolted to table and slider board......

Step 2: Slide Mechcanism

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The aluminum tracks are from a picture frame........the boards are 7"X9".........I used popsicle sticks for spacers........

Step 3: Measurements.........

Picture of Measurements.........

The slide boards are both 7X9" the back one mounted vertically and the front one mounted horizontally.......

Step 4: More Pictures

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john1a (author)2014-07-28

I am gonna make a miniature replica of this (with a 6-12V motor as spindle) for PCB drilling. I 'll maybe add a laser to point where exactly the drill will land...

spylock (author)2014-02-11

Nice piece,a working conversation piece.Great job.

Mexicoman (author)2013-03-22

Not to knock your project, which is sort of neat, but there are used craftsman drill presses available used for as low as $80 on the net. They are good stuff, durable accurate, and very versatile. I found mine for $40 and it needed the gear piece on the side of the stand that raised the table. I found one used for $10. Up to you, but sometimes there is little savings to build a wobbly wood drill press. I know, I did the same in 1958.

bjkayani (author)2012-08-03

wanna know how sturdy and firm it is....actually??

hosseinkh (author)2012-07-09

Realy Nice Idea . Goodjob

shazni (author)2012-01-18

how do you drill at an angle?

SIRJAMES09 (author)2011-11-01

instead of using a clamp or 2, what about "U" shaped ins with a locking key of some would be just as safe but you could seperate the drill from the press faster....

again, just a thought...

SIRJAMES09 (author)2011-11-01

there is also a type of roller balls that can be screwed/nailed in between the boards to make them slide...these roller balls would last forever where as the wood will eventually wear out...

Just a thought...

glorybe (author)2011-04-28

This is one of the better home built presses that I have seen. You did a great design job although I have a thing for larger diameter pipes in relation to flexing.

5STARGBLOOD (author)2011-04-16


Eye Poker (author)2011-04-01

How accurate is the drill?

Z.K. (author)2011-01-02

Nice instructable though it could use a step by step approach.

pdeboer (author)2010-12-04

Did you add an electrical switch? Or do you lock the drill on when you are ready? That seems awkward, but maybe it's not a big deal.

busupholstery (author)pdeboer2010-12-05

It's plugged into a power strip with switch on side of I just lock it on and use the power strip switch.........

barneytomb (author)2010-09-29

Very nice, I'm definitely adding this to my mobile shop along with my Beer box lathe, and table saw attachment for my power saw.

pmartinez (author)2010-08-04

This is great, thanks can't wait to start building it. I'm planning to add a 45degree mobility. if it comes out fine, I'll post it.

cephalopoid (author)2010-06-07

I'm sorry, but I just don't seem to follow how I could make one myself. Yours looks nice, but where and how and why are you mounting what material to what? This instructable needs some more text.

mrmath (author)2010-05-28

How much did you spend on making this?

busupholstery (author)mrmath2010-06-04


busupholstery (author)2010-06-04

O.K.......I took off the aluminum slides and installed two 8" drawer slides between the much better......very solid..........

DIY Dave (author)2010-05-29

Cool, I think I'll make one.

Diego E (author)2010-05-28

Awesome response to lack resources and space.
Thank you very much.

nickodemus (author)2010-05-28

Nice work!

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