Drill press I made to hold my hand drill........

Step 1: Mount to Table

I used 1- 3/4" pipe, one piece 6", one piece 9", one corner angle, and two flanges.......Just bolted to table and slider board......

Step 2: Slide Mechcanism

The aluminum tracks are from a picture frame........the boards are 7"X9".........I used popsicle sticks for spacers........

Step 3: Measurements.........

The slide boards are both 7X9" the back one mounted vertically and the front one mounted horizontally.......

Step 4: More Pictures

<p>I am gonna make a miniature replica of this (with a 6-12V motor as spindle) for PCB drilling. I 'll maybe add a laser to point where exactly the drill will land...</p>
<p>Nice piece,a working conversation piece.Great job.</p>
Not to knock your project, which is sort of neat, but there are used craftsman drill presses available used for as low as $80 on the net. They are good stuff, durable accurate, and very versatile. I found mine for $40 and it needed the gear piece on the side of the stand that raised the table. I found one used for $10. Up to you, but sometimes there is little savings to build a wobbly wood drill press. I know, I did the same in 1958.
wanna know how sturdy and firm it is....actually?? <br>
Realy Nice Idea . Goodjob
how do you drill at an angle?<br>
instead of using a clamp or 2, what about &quot;U&quot; shaped ins with a locking key of some kind...it would be just as safe but you could seperate the drill from the press faster....<br><br>again, just a thought...
there is also a type of roller balls that can be screwed/nailed in between the boards to make them slide...these roller balls would last forever where as the wood will eventually wear out...<br><br>Just a thought...
This is one of the better home built presses that I have seen. You did a great design job although I have a thing for larger diameter pipes in relation to flexing.
How accurate is the drill?<br>
Nice instructable though it could use a step by step approach.
Did you add an electrical switch? Or do you lock the drill on when you are ready? That seems awkward, but maybe it's not a big deal.
It's plugged into a power strip with switch on side of table.......so I just lock it on and use the power strip switch.........
Very nice, I'm definitely adding this to my mobile shop along with my Beer box lathe, and table saw attachment for my power saw.
This is great, thanks can't wait to start building it. I'm planning to add a 45degree mobility. if it comes out fine, I'll post it.
I'm sorry, but I just don't seem to follow how I could make one myself. Yours looks nice, but where and how and why are you mounting what material to what? This instructable needs some more text.
How much did you spend on making this?<br />
O.K.......I took off the aluminum slides and installed two 8&quot; drawer slides between the boards.........works much better......very solid..........
Cool, I think I'll make one.<br /> <br />
Awesome response to lack resources and space.<br /> Thank you very much.<br />
Nice work!<br />

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