Picture of Drill to buff conversion
I needed a small bench mounted sander and buff to make some small projects. I noticed that you can get lot of attachments for drills so I mounted a drill to the bench. This is so easy that Im a bit embarrassed to write an instuctable about it as I thought that someone must of done this before. But looking through the instuctable site I couldn't find anyone who has mounted a drill like this, anyway,
I like really simple solutions to problems, and it doesn't get much simpler than this.
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Step 1: Stuff you will need

Picture of Stuff you will need
1. A drill
2. Threaded rod they call it "all thread in some places"
3. Buffing and sanding attachments
4. Bench
5. Nylock nut
6. Hacksaw
7. ruler or tape
8. about 5 minutes

Step 2: Choose your drill

Picture of Choose your drill
If you are buying a drill for this project, It needs to have an adjustable handle that is held together with a long bolt. Some drills have a different system and are not going to be as easy to mount on a bench. Also a keyless chuck will be good as you could hurt yourself on the teeth of a keyed chuck, and no chuck key to lose. Speed control is also good, as some of my project are plastic and resin I need to run the buff or sander at a lower speed to prevent the material  from getting to hot and leaving marks. The best speed control have  a dial and the trigger can be locked at any speed like the photo of the blue drill.

Step 3: Measure the bolt

Picture of Measure the bolt
I just remove the bolt from the handle and measured its length and also the thickness of the bench i wanted to mount it to, just add those two measurements together. I got 5 inches, so made a note of that and now check the type of thread. If your not sure most Chinese stuff is metric most likely 8 mm. If you hold the bolt and the threaded  rod together and the treads mesh like in the photo  it is the right pitch. The threaded rod has to screw into the handle.
russ_hensel4 months ago

Just a note to let you know I have added this to the collection: Cordless Drills Hacking for Other Uses !


Take a look at a bunch of project involving odd uses of drills.

and for even more drill info


liquidhandwash (author)  russ_hensel4 months ago

thanks russ, Ive got another cordless drill hack

step 11

Well Done! That is a mint idea and a very repeatable Instructable.
Thanks Again for sharing this with us.
liquidhandwash (author)  andygreyrider1 year ago
Thank greyrider, the drill gets a lot of use mounted like that.
rimar20002 years ago
Clever mounting solution!
whoofoto2 years ago
An alternative to your cable tie are the toe straps (sold in pairs) used to keep bicycle shoes attached to the racing bicycle pedals. I arbitrarily picked one website link to show what it looks like.

The buckle has teeth that serves to grip and lock the strap tight. You pull to tighten the strap. A tightened strap is easily released by lifting and disengaging the teeth.
liquidhandwash (author)  whoofoto2 years ago
thanks Ill keep that in mind