Introduction: Drillshelf

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Simple, fast and cheap, BUT effective.
Universally populated and exchangeable slot system for clear arrangement of the tools. The slot strips are easy to replace and replace with others if necessary. I refrain from specifying dimensions, as everyone should decide for themselves, how he can use it ...... or just not :-)

Step 1: Cutting Pieces

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At first I sawed a piece out of which I will later make the side pieces. In this board I have with the pull saw the grooves in which I can insert the slot holder. How wide and how deep depends on which wood you use.
After that was done, I sawn the workpiece in the middle. So I have on both sides later an identical insertion size.

Step 2: Insertion of the Rear

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On one side, a groove is now milled for the rear wall. After milling, the edges should be broken.
I glued the frame with 6mm dowels. The back wall is only glued to the frame.

Step 3: Make Slots

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For the headers, I screwed a batten on a piece of poplar plywood. Since these should be interchangeable, I have renounced the gluing. The batten I have beveled on one side about 25 degrees. As a result, z.b. Drills are not vertical and can easily be taken out to the top.

Step 4: Finish

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How you arrange the slots and for what, is up to you.


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