Picture of Drink Coasters - DIY Tutorial

Ever thought about crafting your own drink coasters? Well, here is how!

Price: 1 – 5$ || Time: 1 – 3 h || Difficulty: Easy

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need

For this project you will need:

  • Napkins or printed pictures (on regular printer paper)
  • Glue (that turns transparent when dry!)
  • Brush
  • Scissor
  • Rubber foam or cork.
  • Tiles (white)
pewdsena7 months ago
Yeah i will! :)
Victor Does (author)  pewdsena7 months ago

Great! :)

pewdsena7 months ago
That is so sweet i will try this as a gift ty for the idea :)
Victor Does (author)  pewdsena7 months ago

Your welcome! :) If you have time, it would be fun if you posted a picture. But only if you want! ^^

Victor Does (author) 7 months ago

Sounds like a plan! I made theses right after i bought a new kitchen table. That actually gave me a great idea for some new coasters... haha

Gilly7 months ago

Love this thanks. I could make some lovely coasters to cover up the marks made on furniture from NOT using coasters. This is a really good idea.

caroliine22210 months ago
Do you know where I can buy tiles ? I checked home hardware but they didn't have any small white ones like shown and we're all expensive
Victor Does (author)  caroliine22210 months ago

You can usually find them where they sell building materials or bathroom related products :) It´s also possible to use other models then shown too. But if the tile shows thru the paper (if the tile is to dark, colored...) you might need to use some acrylic paint fix this.

tj-861 year ago
Your "watch this" is just a picture......
So there's not actually any instructions here.....

Please post some written instructions as well.

Its amazing that Life Hacker picked this up.


Victor Does (author)  baudeagle1 year ago

There is actual nothing more then all written in the last step. :) Cut a square that covers the tile, apply the first layer of glue to the tile and NOT the napkin. When dry, apply 2more layers to protect the printing from liquids. Add some kind of protection for your table, such as cork. :)

Wow, did not now that.. Thanks for the link! :)

Victor Does (author)  tj-861 year ago

If you watched this via a phone, and maybe an tablet as well there is only a picture shown, there for I added the link in the same step to the video :)

"If you can not watch the video true the "picture frame", then you can follow this link instead! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFsZirrjyxQ"