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okay this will show you a "dirt" cheap method of
generating your own water for survival purposes.

clean water sources are scarce and we must learn
these methods of survival for katrina-like
emergency situations.

Step 1: Dig a Hole

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dig a hole about the size of a steering wheel
and about 10 inches deep

Step 2: Pee in It

Picture of Pee in It

fill the hole with anything that has moisture.
for example:
-weeds, cactus, plants(even poisonous plants)

Step 3: Get a Bag

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use an old grocery bag to form a bowl/cup shape
in the center of your hole. shape with dirt as necessary.

here in los angeles an emergency would leave me unable
to drive anywhere but grocery bags would be falling from the
sky literally.
[pause-walks outside]
i walked outside just this second and found one right away on the sidewalk.

Step 4: Cover It

Picture of Cover It

remember the bag in step 3?
open it and flatten it out to cover
your new pee hole.

THEN - use dirt to hold the perimeter edges of the bag / cover
THEN-- put some dirt or a small rock in the middle of the cover to weigh it down

like a shallow cone

Step 5: Drink

Picture of Drink

condensation will build up overnight or throughout the day.
the water droplets build up on your cone-shaped cover
until they get heavy enough to drip into the cup below

this will allow you to survive another day in the wild or the ghetto or the desert...

if you have ample amount of dirty or salt water i suggest the "LifeStraw"

and remember...
pets need clean water in emergencies too!


TravisR40 (author)2017-03-07

Does anyone else think that the picture secretly says, " Big a hole "?

dad_a_monk (author)2016-06-10

Solar still do NOT make urine completely safe to drink. Solar stills only remove impurities such as salts, heavy metals and other dissolved solids, and does eliminates microbiological organisms. However any chemicals (with boiling points anywhere near water) in the source sample, will still evaporate and condense with the water. In a solar still you can't control the evaporation point, so all of those chemicals and toxins your body flushes will still transfer. It will be safer to drink than pure urine or other source water to be treated, but a solar still can NOT produce pure water. Only separate those heavier contaminants with much higher boiling points and any organic materal and other dissolved and undissolved solids

Distillation in the laboratory or controled setting can achieve extraction of pure water by using exact temperatures. Different chemicals have different boiling points and if you can focus on water's boiling point, it will evaporate leaving behind any chemicals that have a higher boiling point.

ArtemisBlue (author)2007-11-29

dont dogs and other animals drink their own usin?

ArtemisBlue (author)ArtemisBlue2007-11-29

oops meant urin

finton (author)ArtemisBlue2013-06-30

Er, don't you mean "urine"? ;]

blodefood (author)ArtemisBlue2010-04-16

Never heard of that.  I doubt they would

Wyattr55123 (author)2013-06-27

I would suggest drinking urine as soon as you get it, as urine is a breeding ground for bacteria, and you sure as hell do not want large amounts of bacteria anywhere near your drinking water. Drinking urine when you get it eliminates the time during which the bacteria can spread, and is safe to drink within a few minutes. But if you get desperate enough to drink urine, you'll be chugging any form of water you can get

kidharris (author)2013-06-27

I first read about this "solar still" distillation method maybe 40 years ago in a leaflet distributed by the state of Arizona on surviving in the desert in emergencies. They suggested a much larger hole 4-5 feet in diameter in a donut shape with a raised center to set the collection jar on. Put anything that contains water...plants, pee, dead the trench surrounding the jar. Stretch the clear plastic over the pit and use dirt to seal the edges and hold in place. Place a pebble centered over the jar to create a low place in the plastic so that the condensate will drain into the jar. Let it cook during the day while you sleep/rest in the shade, harvest your water before dark and travel in evening, night time if possible, and early morning while cool. Keep the condensate side of the plastic as clean as possible and repeat daily until you reach water or die. The amount of water you get will be determined by the water content of the stuff you put in the pit and the amount of heat generated by the sun. You are not going to get much so have a plan and use it wisely.

Don't expect plastic bags to fall from the sky.

Do not eat or defecate if you don't have a lot of water. Either will diminish the amount of water available to your body. While drinking pee straight up can be used to supplement your water intake, drinking pee without sufficient fresh water to rinse your kidneys will cause you to get delirious, wonder in circles, do stupid stuff, and die. This is also good info if you are stranded on a boat in the ocean except you will have to construct your still differently.

Popopopper (author)2012-11-05

this is a cool instructable, but why did you say evaporation is cool and condensation is sexy?

Africorn (author)2012-06-15

I'm not sure that you could survive long-term on the amount of water you could distil that way, although it certainly would work. I'm thinking about getting one of these to stash in my "preparedness cupboard" ;-)

Hippymike96 (author)2012-04-18

Would this work on salt water or would you have to use the "lifestraw"? and what is the life straw?

monsterlego (author)2012-03-17

Time to drink my piss

Alienjones (author)2012-03-08

I'm no expert but I remember plenty who were.

I think It was Gandi who confessed to the world he owed his health to drinking a glass of his own urine every morning. Is he still alive?

A few years back a rescue by the Australian Navy of a British Sailor who had ripped the keel off his racing yacht. Sonar bulbs dropped from the ships Helicopter picked up the sound of Tony Bullimore in his upturned yacht pumping drinking water. He used a Osmosis pump (available in many survival shops) to desalinate sea water for drinking.

I bought one after that and carried it everywhere with me. One day I had to use it. 100 pumps per tumbler full of water. Took forever to get a decent drink but it tasted OK. What was my water source? Urine of course! I mixed urine from 5 people and filtered it with the osmosis pump.

kelson12345 (author)2010-07-18

first of all, urine is 89% salt 6% poison and 5% water. you cant really drink your own pee without getting cholera eventually.

B2BSurvivor (author)kelson123452011-12-20

Been there, done that, taught it, never got cholera. Distillation process removes vibrio bacteria as well as others. Your numbers are way off on composition of Urine. Check medical text next time, not Wikipedia! Salt and other impurities ARE remove by a solar still.

vortexmax (author)kelson123452010-08-08

False information.Urine is a pure substance.It is used in a lot of medicines some people drink urine for their own health.If you care to do some research on Google .You will discover some truth about URINE what it does in the body when you drink it.I had a cancerous sore on my leg.An old codger said to me all you do it put your own urine in the hole and it will deal. Surprisingly it did

Rainh2o (author)vortexmax2010-09-11

Oh yeah..research on will all be true because its on the internet!!! and I suppose this is a hidden medical secret doctors dont want you to know!

ComplacentBard (author)Rainh2o2010-10-29

i know its not dangerous because i do it : I

just kidding

LiquidLightning (author)2011-08-05

The ghetto? Seriously? Why not just walk up to any persons house and say, "Can I have some water?"


Gadget93 (author)2011-09-05

If it's good enough for Bear, then it is good enough for...hey wait a moment.

Ckeranen (author)2011-04-20

This reminds me of bear grylls.

Gadget93 (author)Ckeranen2011-09-05


JamesTB13 (author)2010-06-22

There is a much easier way for things like this, Survivorman purified salt water, you need a container with water in it, a cup in the middle, then you cover it with something, preferably clear, (like seran wrap) and then you put a rock on the plastic, over the cup. The sun will evaporate the water, it condenses on the plastic, and drips into the cup. ALSO, you can just drink urine straight away, just don't let it sit before you do, or it goes septic. But if you pee, and then drink it straightaway, you're fine.

tablesawed (author)JamesTB132011-09-04

the system Survivorman used is based off of a solar still. fyi

tablesawed (author)2011-09-04

Life straw will NOT FILTER SALT from water, it will purify saltwater, but it does NOT DESALINATE. Go with a few solar stills (yes a few, like more than 2) per person. Did I mention that if you drink salt water through a lifestraw, as your only source of water, system you will die?

wpcb34 (author)2011-05-23


smokehill (author)2008-01-18

Good explanation of a solar still. However, for any water that is "suspect" -- which is anything that doesn't come out of a bottle or a tap -- being able to purify it easily is important. In case of emergency, we have a large pond on our property, but I wouldn't drink out of it, so we've always kept an extra gallon or two of Clorox (the original stuff, not the fancier, newer flavors) in case we need to drink pond or rainwater. The mix is 16 drops per gallon for drinking water, and a 1:9 mix is an extremely good disinfectant. Since no one will remember the mix to use (including me, probably), I have the formula written in permanent magic marker on the side of the Clorox container. I suspect treating urine with this mix would make it safely drinkable ... though perhaps still not very appealing.

455H013 (author)smokehill2008-01-23

WARNING do not use bleach with urine, bleach and ammonia (from urine) cause a very deadly gas. They have discontinued use of pure bleach as a cleaning method for janitors as some have died. I dont know what such a small ratio would do, but dont do it!

Supposedly, in WWI, crude gas masks were fashioned to counter German chlorine attacks. They consisted of a tin can with holes punched in it. The soldier would put his sock in the can, piss on it, then breathe through the can.

Yep--"piss masks" were actually a production item for the poor sods who first encountered German mustard gas attacks in the trenches in WW1. Since potable water was hard to come by, the soldiers were instrcuted to urinate on the masks before donning them. There wasn't anything magical about the urine, it was just an attempt to form a more airtight seal for the canvas from which the masks were made.

There are obviously differing opinions on the qualms and benefits of consuming urine for health or other reasons, but generally in a true survival situation its something to be avoided. Used topically and not consumed, it can be a quick anti-inflamatory astringent, thanks to the ammonia content. "Safe" urine would be clear and copious, meaning you're very well hydrated. Most Americans are a quart and half low at any even given time--thirst should *never* be a factor in determining how well hydrated you are. Any tinge of yellow or darker means the onset of dehydration and a greater concentration of urea or other waste products. That's what urine is--one of the body's ways of flushing toxins and other waste diluted within the bloostream. In a surivial situation, one is much more likely to be dehydrated, so drinking concentrated toxins your body is trying to eliminate may only compound problems in an already difficult situation. The best bet is to have clean, potable water on hand anyway of course, but barring that the easiest method of water purification is having a 2% tincture of iodine on-hand within a minimalist kit. A 2oz bottle goes for just a few bucks and can purify many gallons; generally 5 drops per quart with a 30 min wait time. For those who pay attention to the 'poison' label on the bottle, iodine purification was *the* standard for the US water supply until the mid 1950s. As a bonus, iodine is a topical antiseptic for wounds, so in one bottle you have the ability to purify water and have an essential first-aid element.

Kinda bad luck if the gas attack happens just AFTER youve had a

That's when you find out who your friends really are...

smokehill (author)455H0132008-01-23

Good point -- Bleach in combination with some other cleaners (toilet bowl cleaners, especially) can produce a dangerous gas ... chlorine, I think. I don't know enough chemistry to know whether these tiny ratios present any risk, but maybe someone else here can enlighten us. Used intelligently, bleach is one of the most useful chemicals available. I regularly use a 15% bleach mix to disinfect surface wounds, an old mixture called Dakin's Solution that a lot of clinics have re-discovered. Some people are sensitive to it, but most people tolerate 15-18% with no irritation. Unlike a lot of topical antibiotic preparations, bleach kills pretty much every microorganism it hits, even fungus like Athlete's Foot. Dakin's Solution must be freshly mixed, though -- within 24 hrs or so -- so I mix mine right in the syringe as I use it: just draw up 15% Clorox (the 15 mark on a 100cc syringe) and then draw up water until it's full. Another useful (and cheap) emergency first aid prep is available mostly in feed or pet stores -- Corona Antiseptic Ointment. Probably the best surface antibiotic/antifungal on earth (after bleach), and dirt cheap. They sell the same thing as a human prescription, though it costs about 75 times as much as the vet product, which comes out of the same machine. Bleach should be in everyone's emergency kit, but of course one has to have some clue as to how to use it carefully & intelligently. If one has to rely on pondwater or rainwater after some sort of disaster, it's indispensable --- for drinking water, disinfecting eating utensils, and the first aid kit. From a practical standpoint, I suspect drinking urine isn't going to be very common anyhow, since by the time you get to that last resort you're probably so dehydrated that urine production will have fallen off to near zero.

jeanicrowe (author)smokehill2010-12-19

So I went to my favorites and found the website if anyone wants The book has lots of survival stuff and alternative living info.

jeanicrowe (author)smokehill2010-12-19

Smokehill, I have heard of bleach used to disinfect surface wounds; on the other hand, my mothers elderly neighbor died from infection after putting it on a poison oak outbreak. Better to just keep iodine tincture on hand, which by the way can also be used to sterilize water for drinking. I found that in the book Hardtimes Handbook by Sarah Autry. You can get it from or online cheaper at -opps, forgot the website-I think its or something like that. I concur on the bleach. You can kill most bacteria and other organics in some really ugly water with it. You can use more that 9 drops per gallon if you then let the container sit open to let the excess bleach evaporate out of the water. Drinking water should have just a slight smell of chlorine to it. If it smells strong, let it sit in the sunlight, open for a few hours. If you don't smell the chlorine, add a few more drops.Put in enough bleach to make the water completely clear. BUT to be completely safe, you should still boil it first if at all possible. Also from Hardtimes handbook, you can filter out sand, grit etc by pouring it through charcoal-either briquettes or burnt wood chunks from your fire. If you're in a survival situation, such as Katrina, but have a way to boil water, you can sterilize the water by hanging a clean towel or garment over a boiling pot of water and then wring the cloth out into a clean container. Contaminates will remain in the original pot.

smokehill (author)455H0132009-02-07

I'm not a chemist, but I suspect that there isn't enough ammonia in urine to make any difference here. We used to use a couple of gallons of Clorox every month to clean dog kennels (generally covered with a whole day's worth ot urine), and we're still alive thirty-plus years later. It would be interesting to hear from someone with some biochemistry background on this, though.

jeanicrowe (author)smokehill2010-12-19

Not a chemist, almost killed myself though, cleaning out a porta potty with clorox. Perhaps you were lucky with the dof kennels because you were working in a large open area. Pouring bleach in the portapotty concentrated the effect and the gas came straight out of the opening into my face. I want to point out that there was no actual liquid urine in the container, just the residue that clung to the sides. We had run out of chemicals on a camping trip but used the potty anyway. I wanted to be sure it was sterile before storing it-instead I created chlorine gas, one of the deadly chemicals used in WWII, not something I ever want to deal with again.

AntonioMDC (author)smokehill2009-02-04

the problem with drinking urine isn't germs, it is everything dissolved in it that your (or someone's) body was trying to get rid of. think drinking sea water, or blood. not exactly the same, but similar problem: you wouldn't expect bleach to be able to make either of those potable. no, you have to distill it (and leave all the solids behind) as in this instructable.

i thought it was e. coli that made the problem- u get sick when u drink it

blodefood (author)mashedpotato132010-04-16

Urine is sterile so you don't have to worry as much about germs.  You would need to ensure that your hands, genitals and the receiving container are clean before peeing. 

The bacteria comes from feces.

if there is e coli in your urine then you already have e coli. someone else's could give you new germs, maybe, though you could kill those chemically or with heat, but drinking even the urine from a very sick person will probably kill you faster through not hydrating you than through infecting you so it hardly matters. I repeat, think about drinking seawater. the point of distilling is it leaves behind all the dissolved solids and collects just the water. after it has been through a still it isn't really urine (or saltwater, or milk, or...) any more. next time you are boiling something with a strong flavour (tomato sauce, syrup, whatever) collect some of the steam and taste a few drops of the condensate and prove this to yourself: it is just water.

Colonel88 (author)AntonioMDC2010-02-02

It's salt, salt salt salt

smokehill (author)AntonioMDC2009-02-07

Good point -- in an emergency or civil disorder I wasn't planning on drinking urine anyhow since I have a large pond behind my house. I don't trust the water since it hasn't been tested in 20+ years, but I've always planned on running it thru coffee filters before treating with Clorox (and boiling, if practical). I gave up coffee, but I've stashed a few hundred filters in my "emergency closet," next to the antibiotics, oxyquinilone, morphine & 15,000 rounds of ammunition.

mikaelthemycologist (author)2010-12-03

That souldn't really matter if your eating should it?

Rainh2o (author)2010-10-29

noo proof that drinking lots of distilled water will hurt you. It's a gimmick myth that companies invented to sell you a purifier instead of showing you how easy and free you can create pure water.

Thanks, removed comment because it was invalid.

Cormac (author)2010-08-23

as one whose drunk his urine, first thing, mid stream, every day for 5 years, and having read every book on the subject, such asyour own perfect medicine and the golden fountain, ican assure you all its an UNNEEDED bodily product, poop is waste, urine is sterile and 96% water, the remainder is extremly beneficial. Anyone who says otherwise should research the subject fully as i have before stating something that the Indian culture has benefited from for 5000 years!!

Fujo (author)2010-06-16

I'm quite famiiiar with this method and it generally doesn't yield much when used in an environment where it is necessary to use such methods to collect water. There are better ways to collect drinking water and this should only be a last resort. Also you shouldn't drink urine.

trooperrick (author)2007-12-24

Just as an interesting fact I found somewhere. Pee is cleaner than spit right when it "comes out." It's just when it sits that it gets bad.

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