Picture of Drink chiller
Just another way to cool down beverages sort of fairly quickly. Safer than using the freezer.

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Step 1: What you need:

Picture of What you need:
A beverage to be cooled down.
Common table salt.
1 Bucket (I needed a larger one)
1 large stirring spoon.

Optional: Instant thermometer.

Step 2: What to do:

Picture of What to do:
Put the un-chilled beverage in the bucket. Current temp is  80 degrees F
Add ice and generously spread salt as you add the ice.
When the beverage is covered, then fill the bucket with water just to the top of the ice but not over the top of the bucket.
Relax for a few minutes.
You could stir on occasion.
Left thermometer in beverage to watch the temperature.
Temp went down to 60 degrees F in a minute or so
I added a second beverage in a smaller bottle at 100 degrees F  to see the effects on it.  Down to 80 degrees pretty quick, might be affecting the larger bottle. Large bottle now only 50 degrees. Added salt.

Step 3: Done.

Picture of Done.
Your beverage should be ready now. the temperature is: degrees  45 F. I let it go to see how far it would go and it went to the thirties.