Drink coasters from leftover flooring materials

Picture of Drink coasters from leftover flooring materials
Anytime you install a new floor, you have scraps.  I put down some laminate recently and was thinking of what I could make from the scraps before they got tossed out.  Always short on coasters because of my prolific beverage consumption habits, I decided to make a couple to match my floors for the top of my bar.

Laminate floorboard scraps
Quarter round scraps
"Crazy" glue
Wood glue

Miter saw
Some sort of clamp
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Step 1: Gather your scrap

Picture of Gather your scrap
For these I used some left over "Uniclic" flooring with attached padding I had put down in my living room as well as some quarter round I had left over from doing the trim work around my fireplace... both sort of a cherry oak color.

Step 2: Cutting the frame pieces

Picture of Cutting the frame pieces
Take the quarter round and cut a 45deg angle off one of the ends.  Hold that piece up against one of your scrap floorboard pieces with the inside of your 45deg angle against the outside perimeter of the floorboard and mark it on the opposite side of the floorboard.  Make your mark so that the piece will be cut ever so slightly shorter than the floorboard is wide... it's easy to trim down the floorboard later but if you make this piece too wide you won't be able to adjust it later.

Once you've made your mark, cut at a 45deg angle opposing your previous cut.  Now you'll have a short piece of quarter round with a 45deg angle on each side, the insides of which will be close to the width of a floorboard.  Now take a scrap little piece of wood and lay your little piece of quarter round down with the saw blade up against it and clamp the scrap behind the quarter round so that you can cut as many pieces as you need identically.  Once you cut the number of pieces you need (four per coaster) at this length, flip the operation around and cut the 45 off of their other side... duplicating your first piece.
ChrysN3 years ago
Great looking coasters!
badpanda (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
Thanks :)