Introduction: Drinking Bottle Rabbit

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This instructable will shows you how to make a drinking bottle that can be used by rabbits, using 3D-printed parts.

Step 1: What Are the Needs

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First of all we need the 3D-printed parts (2 parts).

You also need a metal marble.

As last you need a plastic bottle (recycle waste).

Step 2: Put the Marble in the Shell

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The little diameter of the shell will depand on the diameter of the marble.

The marble is used as a check valve.

Step 3: Place the Hanger on the Bottle

Picture of Place the Hanger on the Bottle

The second printed part is the hanger. You have to place this on the bottle. (diameter depands on the bottle)

Step 4: Fill Up With Water

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Fill the bottle with water.

Step 5: Shell on Bottle

Picture of Shell on Bottle

Put on the shell.

The big diameter of the shell depends on the bottle.

Step 6: Hang It Up

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Hang up the bottle to the fence.

Step 7: Ready to Drink

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Now your rabbit can drink from the the water.

He will lick on the marble. The marble lifts up and the water can pass.


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