Drinking Glasses From Cans





Introduction: Drinking Glasses From Cans

This weekend i was in ChinaTown in Sydney and saw some cans of drink that i had never seen before. Naturally i bought them but when i drank the first i started felling a bit sick. I took the other home and in the morning tried it. I couldnt drink it either but before i threw it out i noticed that it looked kinda cool with all the characters and it was made of tin not aluminium. Read on.

Step 1: Materials

A can opener and a suitable can. Heres mine.

Step 2: Cut Off Top

I just used a can opener and the top came right off. This might not work with old openers but should come off easily.

Step 3: Smooth Down

I just used a butter knife for this but it would be better with a file or something. BE CAREFUL, it does have sharp edges and i dont want anyone getting hurt. If you use a knife or spoon just apply pressure from the inside against the pointing in bit and fold it down and flat

Step 4: Wash

Wash thoroughly to remove any dirt or bits of metal.

Step 5: Drink

Fill with and COLD drink and enjoy =). Dont use hot drinks as the cup likes to mimic the heat of the drink and may burn.



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    I had an empty coke can on my desk and I was needing a pencil holder for my workshop, perfect solution.

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    Fool, this is the fire which treatment

    before you cut off the top, you might want to drink the beverage in the can first, so as to not get metal shards inside of your drink and waste it by pouring it out.

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    I would definitly do that if it tasted good. As is it was herbal tea extract and it was weird. But thanks for mentioning.

     really? I love herbal tea! especially wan lao ji, my favorite. I can't believe you don't like the drink, I love them.

    I dont mind normal herbal tea but this canned stuff wasn't for me

     When I was a kid - long time ago - you could get metal handles that would clip onto beverage cans to act as handles. 

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    I'd be wary of those on this type of cup. Without the top part of the can to stabilize it the handle may warp or rip the can if you fill it with a drink, especially if you use aluminum cans.

    True Aluminium does tend to warp but so far the tin on these cans has held up. If your worried about aluminium or they just arent strong enough keep an eye out for tin cans or even old basic tin cans like beans with no label.

    Tin cans are from the days when all products were made to be quality, long-lasting items even if they don't need to be. In 200 years we'll all still be able to find things that were antiques today, but there will be no remaining iPods.

     Great Green idea!  This would great with a specialty can, like Jones' soda cans (the holiday ones).

    When I was young (long time ago) my gramma had aluminum cups, they were really neat colors like gold, sparkly red and electric blue, really good for iced tea but man did they sweat !  This is a great way to recycle especially if your just starting out and stocking an apartment

     I know a guy who calls cranberries "crab-berries."  That might have something to do with it.

    My grandmother used to refer to "seafood-flavoured-sticks" as "crap-sticks" (well that's what it sounded like anyway)


    Hahahahahahaha that's hilarious. I especially love the story behind it!