Step 3: Cutting the Bottle (part 2)

Picture of Cutting the Bottle (part 2)
Using a candle and some patience, carefully heat the bottle at the scoring mark rotating the bottle as you heat it. Hold the bottle with both hands, one on each end. I will typically heat the bottle for about a minute and then drip cold water on the area. Repeat the process until the bottle suddenly breaks apart. You will actually hear slight cracking of the glass as you do this.

The first time I did it I was very tentative but now it usually takes me only about 5 mins to cut a bottle.

Be carefull, the cut edges are EXTREMELY SHARP!

*Note:  I've also had success by heating the bottle in the oven for about 5 minutes at 225 F and pouring water over the score line.   You'll need to ruin a few bottles to perfect your method.
jmendezg4 years ago
i can not find the BC Quick Cutter. Please help
how do you go about smoothing the edges, so as not to get cut??
DarfnageL6 years ago
I'm having a hard time getting a clean break, I've tried a few times and I'll either get a crack going down the bottle from the score line, or even a little spider webbing going out from the score mark. What am I doing wrong?
meanmonkey6 years ago
cracking off is a technique you can use to cut bottles i use it occasionally. it requires only a turn table of some sort, a small blow torch, and something to scratch the glass.
check out the link its pretty cool.
ozzbat697 years ago
you are all pretty close, but if you really want to do this the easy and clean way, after heating the bottle/glass for a few moments. The heat slightly causes the glass to expand on either side of the score line evenly. Place an ice cube on the top side of the bottle/glass over top of your score line. This causes the heated glass to rapidly contract from the cold of the ice cube which results in a quick even separation of the glass. It's really quite cool when it separates. PS: you don't need the glass to be melting hot, just a bit of heat, and when you place the ice cube on top you will know when it's enough. Enjoy, haven't seen one of these devices since I was just a kid, good work...
noahh8 years ago
I heard it works better if you put it in the candle, then dunk it in ice cold water. I have not tried it but I read it gives you a fairly smooth cut.
fstedie (author)  noahh8 years ago
it doesn't necessarily work better, just possibly faster. you'll still get an extremely sharp edge which you'll have to smooth out. try it, you'll see ;)
noahh fstedie8 years ago
You would know better than me. I have never tried one of these.
Mr.Cire8 years ago
how do you find the score line?