Drinking Straw Holder





Introduction: Drinking Straw Holder

Medical problems sometimes make simple tasks difficult.  This drinking straw holder was a simple solution for someone unable to use his hands while eating.   While trying to grab hold of the straw with his mouth, it kept getting bumped around the glass. 

The straw holder kept the straw from traveling and made drinking much less frustrating. 

Step 1: Cut and Glue

I shortened the clothespin by sawing off the ends to minimize its presence on the glass.

Find a piece of plastic tubing the right diameter for the straw and cut it to the appropriate length. 

Run a straw through the tubing while you glue it to the clothes pin.  That makes sure the tubing will be straight after the glue sets. 

When the glue sets, clip the clothes pin to the edge of the glass and run the straw through the tubing. 

Now, it ain't going nowhere!



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Questions & Answers


Nice! What is the drink in the glass?

Thanks. Looks like a tea of some sort. That was over a year ago.