Drip Irrigation Home Garden for Window Sill, Roof or Backyard





Introduction: Drip Irrigation Home Garden for Window Sill, Roof or Backyard

This was a simple classroom project for an Environmental Science Class. It is a drip irrigation system using infusion system for any herbs or vegetables. majority of the materials were recycled or reclaimed including reclaimed wood, plastic bottles, used sandwich boxes, and an old plastic pot.

Step 1: Materials

What you need for the drip irrigation system:

1. Wood (we used reclaimed wood)

2. Saw (handheld or manual)

3. Drill and drill bits

4. L brackets

5. Screws (short and long)

6. Your favorite herb/vegetable seeds

7. Infusion set (medical)

8. Container (Used plastic sandwich boxes were used in this project)

9. Long flower pot 1

0. Soil

11. Plastic water bottles

12. Scissors

13. Paper Knife

14. Hot glue

Step 2: Making the Drip System

1. Drill a hole in the bottle cap

2. Hot glue the inlet of the infusion system to the cap

3. Adjust the length of the tube as desired

Fill up with water and its ready to go.

Step 3: Build a Frame

Build a triangle frame (it can be on your window sill, roof or on the ground in your backyard). Drill holes that are big enough for the water bottle to be positioned downwards. You can build however many levels you wish but make sure the seedling containers have holes for the excess waster to drip down to avoid water logging or over watering.

Step 4: Other Ideas

You can have one water container as the water source for 4 or more plants at a time, which will save you time and effort. Your best bet is the fish store for a divider like this one.

Please leave a comment if you have better ideas or room for improvement! if you like this project, please like/vote/share. Thanks!

Finally, I would like to send my gratitude to my colleagues, admin, support staff of American School of Ulaanbaatar and my students (Delgerchimeg Altankhuyag, Khulan Dangaasuren, Yumchigmaa Atarbold, Khulan Enkhbold, Enkh-Orgil Gankhuleg, Kim Moonhan, Damdinsuren Oigongerel) who are passionate about the environment.



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    Good idea

    Great idea! I am proud of you Mr.Baatar - Albert Einstein of our ASU!

    Great idea 4 lazy people!

    Keep it up!


    this idea is so easy and so great.always thought about something like That because of holiday and My lazyness but the Use of the surgical Material came never to My mind

    Waoww what an amazing idea!!! I am totally using this in my own two story apartment in downtown L.A. The design and functionality along with efficiency is tightly packed into a nice frame. I like it! Keep it up man!