The deaf and those with a hearing impairment often have a difficult time detecting an approaching emergency vehicle. DriveAlert is a product that will revolutionize driving for the deaf and those with hearing impairments. Emergency vehicles’ sirens fall into the frequency range of 0.5-3 kHz. If an emergency vehicle is approaching, DriveAlert will first detect the presence of this vehicle and will then give a visual indicator to the driver via an LED. Detection wise, an Arduino chipset will be connected to an array of microphone modules and will search for the specific sound of a siren. When the Arduino detects the sound of an emergency vehicle, it will send an electric signal to an LED array, which would be placed near the dashboard. The location of the LED array ensures that it is easily visible to the driver. The driver would be able to know that an emergency vehicle is approaching and would be able to promptly move out of the way.

Step 1: Purpose

To create a device that would warn deaf drivers of approaching emergency vehicles, in order for them to promptly move out of the way.

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