Driver Storage With Sugru


Introduction: Driver Storage With Sugru

In our Fablab things have a tendency to go missing, which also includes software for our devices (especially the portable kinds). This simple Sugru hack helps us keep our software discs close to our devices by elevating our things to tape the software discs underneat or otherwise nearby.

Step 1: Step 1: Mold Sugru Into Support Feet and Attach

Mold the Sugru into feet and add some pressure to get the proper level for your device. Leave it curing for a day and then attach your software discs underneath the device so they dont lay around and go missing! Simple but elegant sugru hack for our Fablab!



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    Ooh, very nice. This is a great idea.

    This makes me wish there was a way to hide power tool manuals conveniently on the tool itself, hidden but accessible like this!