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Introduction: Droid Head Blaster

About: I work as a graphic designer but I am also a painter, music producer and I have a huge passion for speakers and sound. I like to spend time, when I can, building things in my garage, specially speakers.

1.  For this project I wanted to build a boombox with big volume, quality of sound, good looks and portability that would give the same sound of a high end stereo.  I wanted to go outside of the typical box and and make something different and lightweight. A kind of conversation piece that you can display in your living room or office as part of the decoration without sacrificing the quality of sound.



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    Plz dear i requast for you this item is show step by step and size speaker size pipe size etc????

    nice video, but a build log/ instructions is what a lot of people would like. We can gather a decent understanding of how its built by the pics but more info would be very nice

    I might mooch your design :). great build.

    +1 more - step by step!