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About: I work as a graphic designer but I am also a painter, music producer and I have a huge passion for speakers and sound. I like to spend time, when I can, building things in my garage, specially speakers.

1. For this project I wanted to build a boombox with big volume, quality of sound, good looks and portability that would give the same sound of a high end stereo. I wanted to go outside of the typical box and and make something different and lightweight. A kind of conversation piece that you can display in your living room or office as part of the decoration without sacrificing the quality of sound.

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Yes, the side vents are actual ports. I really played it by ear and hoped to get more bass because of that but not much. I plan to try some passive radiators on the back of each woofer to get deeper bass. Let you guys know how it turns out. Sorry for the huge delay. I was away from the site for a long time.

I second jmanc2, are the side vents actual ports?


Awesome looking set up! ;)

Great looking Boombox!!! I would love more info on the build. Measurements? Did you calculate volume for proper bass response? Are the side vents actual ports or just aesthetics? If so, how big of a hole did you cut at the back to allow proper air movement? I would think the compound curves would make port calculations a bit difficult. Would LOVE more info so us other makers can build something similar!!!

Hey! I have a simple project that perhaps you can help me with. I'm willing to pay, and with your skillset, I assure you the project will be very simple. Please contact me: enoctis [dot] net [at] gmail [dot] com.


excellent project man! awaiting your step by step write up or some instructions video!

Hi, its PVC pipe. You can get it at a hardware store.

Really cool work !!
Could you let me know what are the material of the tube and where you find it?
Thanks to share !!!

Wow guys. Thanks for your positive comments. I hope I'll take to the next level. So far, the inspiration is there. Thanks again for all the support!!!!:)

This thing is DOPE lookin!!! Thanks bro....my cogs started spinning again. I'm too late to vote tho

Great looking boombox!!!! I would love one for my office. Are you going to make more for sale? I really hope so! Good luck!

Wow!I really like your sleek design! i've never seen such a great design in a boom box. Seen the components you used I can imagine it delivers a great sound. I would love to see a video of your droid in action. Thumbs up!

Congratulations on being a finalist in the DIY Audio Contest!! Good luck to you!

Excellent! Would love to also see a list of specs if that is possible. Thanks! Byron

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Well, I haven't take measures yet but I can tell you that it is loud. The amp is 45w x4 RMS and the speakers can take it. Tweeters are lanzar titanium dome, and the make and model of the woofers are below. You can use any good component car speaker and match the PVC diameter with them and build one. For the amp you can use a car amp to match the speakers with a 12v transformer or go with the Lepai.

I'm glad you like it. It sounds great to. For now this is the only prototype. I hope to take it to the next level but we'll see how it goes. Thanks for your interest.

Those are Dayton Audio RS150-4

excellent... i have the lepai 2020A+, hows that lepai?