Introduction: Drone Build: SkyHero Little Spyder 450 & APM 2 6: Quick & Easy Manual

In this video we look at building the Sky Hero Spyder 'Little' 450 quadcopter with an APM 2 6 flight controller. the video includes unboxing, a 'Quick & Easy Build Manual' and a quick adaptation to fit a Tarot type camera gimbal. This folding carbon fibre quadcopter is ideal for fitting in a backpack and enjoying aerial photography off the beaten track.

Specification: Sky-Hero Spyder Little 450 quad-copter frame, Tarot PDB, RCTimer 30A SimonK OPTO ESC's, RCTimer HP2212-1000kv motors. RCTimer 5A 5V switching UBEC, 12V UBEC for accessories, carbon fibre 10x4.5" propellers, Combined GPS/Compass, external LED's for APM status.


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