Introduction: Drone Build: Tarot X6 - 960 Folding Hexacopter: UnBox, Build Manual & Flight Test

The Tarot X6 hexacopter is a professional aerial photography drone capable of carrying a DSLR camera on an appropriate gimbal. This video is a 'Quick & Easy' Manual to build the Tarot X6 using our choice of parts and includes: 'Unboxing', Step-by-Step Build Manual, video of the first flight and video of the landing gear operation. The maximum distance between motors is 960mm.

Here's the video menu: 00.11 - What's in the box? 02.08 - Battery mount build; 02.51 - Arms, motors, Speed Controllers: Build; 04.14 - Power distribution, UBEC's, landing gear controller etc; 04.52 - Fix and bench test the retracting landing gear; 05.34 - Adding the flight controller, GPS, Rx receiver etc.; 06.03 - Attaching the landing gear and folding arms; 06.42 - Set motors level; 07.06 - Test flight; 07.38 - In-flight retracting landing gear test; 08.32 - Landing gear test #2.

Drone Specification: Tarot X6 carbon fibre frame, RCTimer HP4114 - 350kv motors, RCTimer 40A High Voltage Electronic Speed Controllers, RCTimer 15x5.5" propellers, APM 2.6 flight controller running v3.2.1, GPS/Compass combined, RCTimer 5V/5A Switching UBEC and Quanum 12V UBEC.


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