Drone Guide for Happy Flying





Introduction: Drone Guide for Happy Flying

For Christmas I got a quad-copter H9D with a camera. And it is easy to fly if you have looked at the instructions. Its Diameter is 320 x 310mm the Height is 115mm and the Weight is 450g. If your a learner flying drones than this is for you. IN this instructable I will be showing you how to use is and take care of it. (and other drones).

Step 1: What to Do First.

The first thing is to read the instructions carefully and use a dictionary.

Step 2: Check Everything and Get Everything

Check that you have everything if you don't know than GOOGLE IT !!!!!!!!!!and get the stuff that dosennt come in the box.

1 x H9D Quadcopter

1 x 2.4GHz Transmitter w/LED screen

1 x 2Mp camera1 x 2GB micro SD memory card

1 x USB charger

2 x Blade sets (8 total)

1 x 650mAh LiPoly battery

1 x Screwdriver

1 x Skid set

1 x Prop guard set

1 x User manual

Required:6 x AAA NiMH batteries for transmitter

Step 3: Charge the Batteries

Charge the batteries if needed and check the voltage

Step 4: Fly It

After inserting the batteries you can finally fly it. First fly it indoors in the biggest room you have if your nervous. Slowly lift the left trigger up to go up. To turn us the right trigger. Use the instruction manual if needed. To put it down descend the left trigger. If it doesn't work you have the manual. Be care full when flying and only fly in legal places.

Step 5: When Your Finished

When your finished you can either leave it a shelf or desk or take it apart and use it later in life when you find the box in the attic and you blow all the dust of and tell your kids about the toys you had when you where little.

Store in a cool dry pace out of direct sunlight thats what they all say you can store it in the box for as long as you want.



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From what I have seen it seems that people are forgeting RF 7.5 and the FAA regulations that are extremely important

what are the RF 7.5 and the FAA regulations

RF 7.5 https://www.amazon.com/Great-Planes-RealFlight-Con...

The FAA regulations are very extensive and include, you must have line of sight, no FPV unless you have a spotter, if your drone is more than half a pound you must register it, you are not allowed to fly over private property without permission and more.

I kind of got it. What does the FPV, FAA stand for. (Im 13 and don't know these stuff)

"Check that you have everything if you don't know than GOOGLE IT !!!!!!!!!!and get the stuff that dosennt come in the box."

Nice tutorial man, I started out with a very similar drone, and now I own a fully autonomous 450 size quad that I built. It's overpowered, but way too much fun :3

this is a good guide for beginners, thanks!