Drone/ Helicopter Landing Pad (Tripod Mount)





Introduction: Drone/ Helicopter Landing Pad (Tripod Mount)

I am a photographer and an R/C enthusiasts. I spend a lot of time in conditions that are less than ideal for takeoff and landings to get aerial pictures and video.

You know what I'm talking about!

Sand from beaches eats bearings, snow messes with electronics, rocks /boulders destroy props/blades and are to unstable to use as a clear take off/ landing site....

Well I made an alternative to all of these issues.

Enjoy the build!

Step 1: Make or Order Pad

Make a simple landing pad out of anything strong and light.

Remember this is portable so you have to carry it with you!

Light weight PVC sheets work great. So would lexan, insolation foam, or anything else's creative you can come up with.

I was lazy in this case... I just ordered one.... I know... I know.. Sue me! But I needed it quick and I have been working 60+ hours a week, doing inventory for our home business and trying to spend time with family on top of that.

Ordering was the best solution!

Step 2: Tripod Mount

I had an old crappy tripod I threw away years ago.

For some reason I kept the quick release plate.

Luckly it mount to both of my Manfrotto tripods!

If you need to buy a quick release they are anywhere from $3.00 TO $20.00.

If you need a tripod they range from $20.00 to skys the limit!

I personally have a Manfrotto 190x with a 802 rc2 pan and tilt head ($310) and my daughter has a Manfrotto 60" Compact ($70).

Almost any tripod will work for this though!

Step 3: The Build

I went to the local hardware store and bought a 1/4 x 20 tree nut.

It was a bit to long so hack saw to the rescue!

Placed a washer over the nut that acted like a spacer for the saw blade.

Step 4: Drill Baby Drill

Find your center point and drill to make a recess for the cut mount.

Do not drill all the way threw! You just want to counter sink the nut!

Take your time and check your fit regularly!

Clean hole when finished.

Step 5: Glue, Drop and Glue

Use e 600 glue around and in the hole.

Place your cut tree nut in the hole and press firmly into the glue on outside ring.

Clean excess glue from threads in center with a paper towel.

Apply second layer of glue around and over ring of the tree nut to lock it in place.

I wasn't going for pretty here I was going for strong and fast considering I need it tomorrow!

Let the glue dry.

Step 6: Check Fit

Simply thread in the quick release!

Step 7: Mount

Pretty simple to explain.

Make sure it's snug and it mounts to the tripod properly.

Step 8: Take It to the Field





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    Hello!! Love this idea using the tripod rather than those little landing pads that sre barely off the ground. I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a carrying case for the platform to keep it protected and easy to transport.

    Nobody has sugested one yet. This disc fits into my case for this platform so I dont worry about it. The other 5 drones I have are more than capable of hand launch or taking off from tall grass or weeds so I havent had to take this disc out to to jobsites at all in the last few years. Though I would assume a carrying case would be quite easy to make with some sample canvas and straps! You could also go online and look up reflectors for photography. The zip up case that comes with my reflector is identical to the size of this disc!

    GeorgeB this is actually quite an easy fix... I only ordered mine because I was busy renovating our house so we could sell it... Meanwhile we where moving, packing and house shopping...

    The simple solution is foam poster board... Which is all Dronepads are made out of. It's cheap usually under $1.00 and easy to cut... Simply pick a shape and a color, cut it out then spray it with a clear sealant. It's that easy...

    If your really feeling adventurous make a cheap stencil and put a design on it.

    Again I would have preferred to make my own instead of having sombody charge me $20.00 for a $1.00 piece of foam covered in paper but I needed it ASAP and everything I owned at the time was in boxes other than some basic tools for changing electrical sockets and switches.

    Hope this helps!


    Hi there,

    I'm looking for a helipad or drone pad for my quadcopter/drone/phantom?

    I'm based in the UK and know this one is manufactured in the US but unable to get in contact or find them. Can anyone help?

    Hi GeorgB, please check out my website, I do stock and bespoke.





    The quad is great! I would suggest it! If you want it in blue you can paint it or buy a cheap skin!

    How is your tripod rig holding up? I bought one after seeing all the racers at SoarCasa in Maryland using them on the ground to keep the blades out of the grass - no tripod needed. The included mount works well and the top can be closed up with an axle nut. I ordered mine from dronedisc.com.

    The things holding up great! I got mine from dronedisc.com as well but they failed to include the tripod mounting hardware that said it was included in the description.