Drone Tower Ground Station App': Part 4: Structure Scan: Generate, Edit & Fly + Test




Introduction: Drone Tower Ground Station App': Part 4: Structure Scan: Generate, Edit & Fly + Test

Drone 3DR Tower App' Ground Station Solution for APM & Pixhawk flight controllers using Android mobile devices. Part 4: Structure Scanner: How to generate, edit & fly + Flight Test. Simply define the structure you want to scan, set the parameters and camera and tap the screen...

This video is intended as an easy reference/reminder. Some screens may change too quickly to see all the detail so you might have to use 'Pause'. Here's the menu:

00.00 Introduction/Overview; 00.25 Generate & edit a simple ' Structure Scan' flight plan; 02.40 Save the flight plan to your mobile device; 03.00 Upload the flight plan to your drone; 03.20 How to check your mission has uploaded to your drone; 03.48 Understanding the 'Long-hand' version of the Structure Scan command string 04.38 Revised command string for the flight test 05.02 Long-hand version of the revised command string 05.26 Launch sequence for the autonomous mission using Tower 05.38 Flight Test video 07.41 Comments on video and recommended modelling programmes.

Autonomous Structure Scanner flights were created and flown using a custom Aliencopter Bee 470 Cruachan with an APM 2.6 flight controller and the 3DR Tower App' on a Samsung Galaxy Tab/Pro 8.



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